precautions to follow, to ensure that your back is protected

Precautions to follow to ensure your back is always protected

Your back ranks among the precious assets you got. So, it is imperative for you to take some precautions when it comes to protecting your back.

Two major Precautions to follow

Major back problem arises because of the Chair and the sitting positions that these chairs could afford. Most of these Chairs provided by the employer is either deigned poorly or does not offer sufficient back comfort for working Employees.

So, the only alternative here would be to speak up. It is your back, and after all you are working for someone and making money for them. So why not they provide you with, at least a good seat. read more

Back Pain

Back Pain-Home Remedies

back pain and remedies

Anybody can get, Back pain, and if left untreated, the mobility will be greatly compromised. However, if you treat it using the existing methods available that are provided by the so called Modern Medicines of the world, the chances are that, your Pain will ever remain a Pain on your, Back.

For these so called treatments, are not treatments, but Over treatments. A person suffering from Back pain walks into a Physician’s office, Boom!, the next thing she sees is a request that she Undergo a total body Scan. read more

How to avoid the smelly ass

How to avoid the smelly Ass

This is probably the most avoided topic when it comes to Women’s health. How to avoid the smelly Ass, is not only important but will aid in achieving a complete and and a satisfied sex life.

We start off with the following quote.

The priceless asset that can turn any man on instantly is a woman’s ass, but the pity is very few women are aware as to what treasure they behold- Hugh Heifer.

This cannot be truer today that it was ever before. We all know being humans, we all have our weaknesses and our strengths, but most too often it is the weakness that drives the potential mate away. Yes we are here to give knowledge as to what a smelly ass can do to your relationship. read more

things to do to become a fitness trainer

Fitness Trainer Requirements

In today’s world with obesity on the rise and health awareness increasing the best profession to be at right now would be a Fitness Trainer. So, we thought we would give you the necessary requirements required in becoming a successful Fitness Trainer.

If you were to ask this question or even send in a mail to one of those Elite Universities then within a day or two you will receive tons of program brochures and enrollment protocols along with the semester as well as the enrollment fee structures. Of course this is not to mention the Boarding and the Lodging cost that will incur. read more

Avoid the unmotivated Trainer

A Trainer’s role is the integral part of a beginners journey. Especially when it comes to continuing something as challenging as Physical fitness. It is imperative to understand that the influence of the Body over the Mind is huge and most times it is the Body that will win the convincing game.

This is so true for all of the working women, if not there wouldn’t be an eyebrow raising stats that points to 90% drop out rates after the first month. One main reason to this would be, after the day’s hard and mind taxing job, it takes the strength of Hercules to hit the gym, more so the very thought of doing the House chores after the work out. read more

selecting a gym by actors recommend

Never join a Gym which has recommendations merely from Movie Stars

Never join the Gym which has Recommendations from Superstars, Movie Stars and so called influencers. Why do we say this? Read on our justification.

Today everything is glamour based but most don’t understand that if you don’t put in the work required then no amount of Glamour can do the job.

Money cannot buy Success. Success is bought with a price, the price is your work Ethic

A popular book has the following quotes, “Of course your Credit card can buy those Protein milk shakes, those Lifting belts, the Gear, the sparkling sports wear, but when it comes to those ripped bodies and bulging Biceps, they are just Priceless” read more

eat your steak and menstrual cycles

Why you must eat that Steak?

The life of a women is filled with challenges, both physically as well as mentally. But we shall restrict this post to the challenges posed physically.

The Burden of Menstruation is just too much to take it

Just image Blood is flowing out non stop from your body and there is nothing that you could do to stop it. Yes, we are talking about the Menstruation cycle. This yoke of burden is too much to take for any women during her productive times. More so, the entire Main stream media is merely showcasing Napkins and Under wears that can be worn during the cycle rather than on Nutrition that a women or a girl can take to balance the blood lost. read more

fats are not bad

The Truth you should know about Fats

Fats are condemned and their reputation Tarnished. The Main stream media did it all well in stigmatizing fat. Today, the word Fat is associated with Disease, Sickness, and high medication cost.

This post aims to shed some light so as to enable you to get the correct picture

The two types of Fats

All Fats are not Equal, for there are fats made by man, which are dangerously Hazardous and those which Nature gives us which are not Hazardous when consumed in Moderation.

Neither our contention nor our case is not against Man made Fats, which are known as Trans Fats, which we all know is on the negative end of Health but our case is for Saturated Fats, which were targeted by the Main stream media for reasons well known to all, and that reason would be to promote the growth and the spread of the Big Pharma greed. read more

The Final stretch

After the completion of these Three Exercises, it is imperative to Stretch your body. This is a powerful stretch and will prevent any injuries or spasm that would have crept in, and would lay latent, just waiting to take over you, once you return from the active state to the normal state.

It is important to understand that Stretching after exercises acts as a Protective shield to the body and care and caution should be practiced at all times to do these stretches.

The Cobra Stance

This is probably the most Power stance created by the Martial art exponents of the Kung fu era. This gives your body a complete stretch of the spinal chord, the neck and the back muscles. read more

Third Exercise to Strengthen your Hip and Back

Good Job! that you have come this far. Now don’t give up, keep it going. The following exercise will complete the Routine for Back strengthening as well as strengthening your Hips.

The Plank Walk

The following Exercise is not only powerful and potent but when done correctly will provide you the immense benefits when it comes to toning the Back, the Hip as well as the Abdominal muscle groups.

Position 1-Neutral position

This is the Neutral position. Since this Exercise is targeted for Beginners, hence in the above picture the performer has her butt slightly raised, which if you are in the intermediate stage, should be avoided. read more

Second Exercise to strengthen your Hip and Back-The Dog and the Bird pose

This is another power Exercise that will not only Strengthen your Hips but your Back and subsequently result in the toning of your Abdomen/Tummy.

Sports Research has confirmed that this Exercise when done continuously will greatly increase the sex life. In other words, if you want those Cloud 11, experiences on bed, then you have the Key now to enter those waters of rejuvenation.

Not only that, it is a well known fact that Libido decreases in Men and Women with age. For those of you’all, who are new to this term, Libido, is the desire to have Sex. Libido is just like Air, no one has ever seen it, but merely felt its presence. read more

hip Exercises for Women

3 Best Hip Strengthening Exercises for you

We live in a time where the yoke of hard labor is on every body and more so the irony is, under the name of Career growth, Career advancement, Women are tasked with gargantuan job demands.

Thus leading to long hours at the Job, with no time even to take a breather, subsequently the toll is taken on the Health.

Among all the worst affected body parts is the Hip. With the progression of age, the Hip bone becomes weak and begins to wear off causing more pain even whilst performing basic chores.

The Causes for Hip pain can be directly attributed to Long hours of staying Seated on chairs that are not designed for the purpose, working with bad posture at the Desk top computer, plus exhaustive use of Mobile phones and to top them all, Bad food habits or excessive use of Junk foods and lack of Exercise. read more

Bubble Butt

Bubble Butt

Lets get the facts right at least we should be brave to accept the truth and the truth is most women just don't focus on their Butts long enough to achieve the results they ought to achieve. Yet still when they adorn those Skin tight Jeans or those Low Body Curves, the first thing their hands would check out would be the Butt. If it is not there then No matter what fit a Girl is wearing it wouldn't show up. As the Proverbial saying goes, if you haven't worked for it, they just won't be there.

Wait for the result, haste makes waste

Wait for the result, haste makes waste

In other words the attention span of the masses have drastically reduced from 15 minutes to 3 seconds. The problem is that this same attitude is being carried out on all of the areas without giving Commonsense an opportunity to explain.

It is estimated that 95% of the people who join a fitness routine will quit the program exactly at the start of the second month. There may be many reasons for this, but the prime one being that "Too high Expectations at too short a time”

Muscle and Confidence

The number one reason to get into an Exercise routine is to merely maintain your Muscle mass. The importance of a Routine has become very indispensable today. The reason being, our lifestyle changes.

There was a time if you wanted to meet a relative, you ought to walk at least a 5 mile radius, then the transportation revolution came, followed by lightening speed subways.

All of these have simply reduced the time that one ought to spend on walking. In other word, the generation today, according to a Fitness Magazine, has simply become more lackadaisical. read more

To walk the talk-Is your trainer the physical shrine?

To walk the talk-Is your trainer the physical shrine?

While at college Yoga craze caught the better of me. With Yoga being the trending talk of the town in the 90s, I was instantly glued and decisive to becoming this top stud in Yoga.

My Yoga trainer claimed to be the Best- Claims are the easiest to do, no cash is involved

So after much searching and inquiring, I was finally led to join a gym which had an acclaimed Yoga trainer [the claim]. With much aspiration I joined the class. The trainer always started the class with small sermons as to how useful Yoga is and that her training of Yoga was unmatched and undisputed.

The sessions had more stories than training but we the student of 15,endured it, all for the body that was promised to us through her training. read more

Importance of Vision in achieving your fitness goals

Importance of Vision in achieving your fitness goals

The post aims to explain the importance of having a Vision for achieving your Fitness expectations.

Yes, we know that this word, “Vision”, is popularly associated with the Corporate sector. But that is what we were taught by our school systems, which in fact makes the individual to feel that this vital word has a corporate association and hence ought never to be used or applied to the real life.

But failure to incorporate this word into our lives takes a heavy toll in form of delayed realization of our goals and dreams, at times never making to the reputed spot in life that we always desired and dreamed off. read more

Look for the committed Trainer

Look for the committed Trainer

Commitment, a key word that would save you a ton of heart aches, especially if your trainer has this in him/her. Most times when you walk into a gym you might get the opportunity to see trainers with perfectly sculpted bodies standing next to their clients with an advice here and there.

Don’t be deceived by looks

For an onlooker this might appear as if the trainer is really involved but that is something only the client who is getting trained can vouch for. For most of the times, the moment you sign up, the gym manager would tell you that if you were to sign up now for a trainer, you will get an extra 2 sessions of free training. read more

Tip No1: to select a good trainer

Tip No1: to select a good trainer

Of the many requirements the number One requirement that you need to look in a trainer should be, Attitude.

Most times, clients pick their trainers based on the looks that he or she has. This is like picking a Cheese cake by its looks only to find later that the cake has rotten cheese hidden deep within.

If your trainer turns out to be just like the Cheese cake mentioned above, you are bound to end up either in the ER or discouraged and lost.

There are innumerable examples where Trainers behave as if they own their clients. read more

6 ways, how a Trainer will help you Save your money

6 ways, how a Trainer will help you Save your money

We know hiring a Trainer can be expensive at times, but you need to look from the wider picture. Especially the worth that have a trainer brings you in. The Value that a good trainer adds in your life.

We all know to see growth and observe development, we ought to embark on a constant training schedule. These training schedules ought to be monitored and feedback provided to you. As a busy individual, it is beyond your limits. Just as you need your friend to provide feedback on your new perfume, one your new dress, on your new hand bag, on your new sandals, you too will need a trainer when it comes to your body and health. read more

Importance of a Trainer

Importance of a Trainer

Trainer is as important as a teacher to a student. But most times the importance is often negated with EGO coming to play or the “I know it all”, attitude.

Well, if you had known it all then why bother to enroll in a gym membership? For you could simply use your own body weight routines and achieve the same result.

Well, honestly speaking, there are two things to understand before we set out with our EGO. Foremost, EGO, will prevent you from achieving or becoming the best you.

Secondly, even if you were to adopt to follow Body weight routines, with EGO in your mind and heart, the chances of you sticking on with it is almost a probability zero. read more

Ass care and Exercises

Ass care

According to a popular Men’s Magazine, the best thing that got Men high after a woman’s breasts is her arse. The British spelled them as Arse, while the Americans spelled them as Ass. We shall restrict ourselves to the American way, just for simplicity.

It is imperative to understand in most Fitness programs, Ass is the least focused area while the most being the Abs or the tummy area. Most women fail to understand that no matter how slim or fat the tummy looks, that will never drive a man’s attraction level high as a cleanly sculpted ass does. read more