Importance of Vision in achieving your fitness goals

The post aims to explain the importance of having a Vision for achieving your Fitness expectations.

Yes, we know that this word, “Vision”, is popularly associated with the Corporate sector. But that is what we were taught by our school systems, which in fact makes the individual to feel that this vital word has a corporate association and hence ought never to be used or applied to the real life.

But failure to incorporate this word into our lives takes a heavy toll in form of delayed realization of our goals and dreams, at times never making to the reputed spot in life that we always desired and dreamed off.

Your Health is no different from a Corporation

Your Health is the asset that cannot be bought with Gold or silver or even all the money in the world. Health is something that can be too easily lost and cannot be easily regained.

With the most precious asset in your possession, it is your responsibility to care for it, to cherish it, and to have strategic plans set up for its development and up keep.

Just as in a Corporation where every member ought to function to its maximum potential to render optimum growth, so to in the Human body, all its member Organs ought to perform with peak performance, to ensure Vitality, Growth and Youth.

Likewise, when the Corporation flourishes, the members of the Corporation too flourish. Similarly, when the Body flourishes with vitality, nutrients reaches every member of the Organs, thus ensuring their growth and vitality. Thus we see a two way duality. In brevity, if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. And what better thing can you do to your body than to provide it with robust Health?

You need Vision to achieve Optimum Health

This is probably the most important health advice that any one aspiring for health should aim at. You see, without a Vision as to how you could achieve optimum health, everything simply stays the way it remained.

It is imperative for you to understand that the word “Change” is easier said than achieved in reality. Every night millions return to their beds with a resolve to wake up the next day and join a Health and Fitness, routines. But when the time hits 5 pm, the body is already giving signals to hit the bar, grab a drink and head home to enjoy the late night Sitcom or head out with friends for those Oysters and Clams feast out.

So to stay in course, just like the side eye shields for the horse, so too the Vision shield will keep you on course.

Great illustrations will start the Fire

There are two best illustration that we shall place here so as to enable you to better understand the importance of Vision and what it can do to you.

First illustration involves the body building giant, Mr. Arnold. As a young boy, Arnold, choose to pursue body building instead of yodeling in the Alps or worse still, being married to the girl of his mother’s choice and taken up farming in Austria.

In all of his speeches, Arnold never fails to mention that deep down inside he had this vision that one day he will hold the Mr. Universe title and not only that he would go on to become the best Body building champion that the sport had produced.

Arnold’s vision shrugged off all the negative vibes.  If someone were to say, ‘impossible’, Arnold’s vision would prove them wrong, by merely achieving the impossible.

The second example would be that of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. Though Robert was raised by educated parents, most times growing up, he found that his father always ran out of money. So Mr. Kiyosaki made up his mind never to go broke in his life.

Robert, embarked on a journey to self develop into a worthy entrepreneur. The vision that not only pulled Robert out of dependence but into a state of wealth in millions of dollars.

If you were thinking that Robert made his millions through his “Rich dad and Poor dad”, book, then you are absolutely wrong. The truth of the matter is that, Robert was rich even before the book hit the shelves.

Yes, that is right, by the age 30, an innovate product that was meant to help the water skiers to protect their monies from getting wet, while they were playing this sport, too off like wild fire.

Robert attributed all of his success to his Vision. For according to him, there has never been a single day that he never stopped envisioning becoming Rich.

Some key points to note as to what, having a Vision did to Robert

Do you know, Robert’s “Rich dad poor dad”, was sold in more than 100 countries with copies hitting around 32 million, and published in 52 languages.

Do you know, people who had read the book, Rich dad and poor dad, never remained the same person when the finished the last page of the book?

Do you also know having a good Vision will help you stand tall, like in the case of Robert. On one vocation, Robert was given an oppotunity to feature with the talk show host, Opera, but the condition was that, Robert must reveal the Rich dad’s name. Robert simply said, “NO”. All thought this life time opportunity for Robert was all gone because of his foolishness and arrogance. But the irony is, a few days later, he gets an offer of contract from the Network, requesting his presence.

The Moral, a good Vision will never let you sell yourself cheap. You shall write your own ticket, that is the power of being a Vision driven person.

How having a Vision will help you achieve Optimum health

How having a vision will aid and help on you to achieve the optimum health and not only that to get the body that you once dreamed off.

But you ought to understand, getting a body of your dreams is not going to be easy. Just look around and count the number of people whom you see have the physique of an ideal healthy person.

You will be alarmed to know. Not many. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise that after a week’s day of labor if you managed a meager 10.

The reasons are simple, not many have the Vision to keep them workout consistent. Recent studies indicate that the major huddle in achieving the desired Health conditions and the perfectly sculpted body is the lack staying consistent

That is why there is an old African proverb which states the following, “there will be no enemy outside, if there be no enemy inside”. In brevity the proverb merely says that you are your own Enemy.

Take home points

Have a Vision to health, for Vision is very critical. Why? Because, unless you have a Vision to obtain a Healthy body, you would never have a set goal. And without a predefined goal you will never achieve your destination, for, 99% of new gym entrants will drop out the first month.

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