We are a group of dedicated Fitness experts who had felt the need to Evangelize the world on the importance of Staying in Shape.

The moment a Child is born, it is in the safe custody of its Parents, and for the next 25 or 30 years or further than that, the Child is sheltered and raised. This is the most likely system followed, at least in INDIA and may be in some of the South Eastern countries with long tradition.

Well, there is nothing wrong with caring or sheltering, but the problem is that for most times of the Child’s life, the child is unable to set its own thought process into action. Most times, the Child is told to do what is good and acceptable to the Patents and the society.

With the mind set, the Child grows up to be a young man or woman, and then one fine day, the day for Marriage is fixed and the Happily Married ever after life starts off.

The Body doesn’t remain forever 21

Of course you had seen those commercials, forever 21, well to tell you the truth your body never remains 21 forever. And the advertisement simply gains from stimulating the illusion in every individual, “Oh!, how I wish, if I was 21, forever”.

But the truth is far from it.

Up and until the age of 20, the body of an individual does its best to cope with the stress, the disorders and the eating habits that is bestowed upon or inherited. The panipuris, the Pav Bhaji, the Puris and aloos, the curries, the tandoris, the masala teas, and the gulab jamoons.

Well, India is blessed with Food cultures so unique, that is why Rabindranath Tagoore, the Noble laureate, once remarked that India is a Planet of its own.

Coming back to the point, with so many varieties and so much to choose from, the natural result is indulgence, and that too over indulgence. Just place one gulab jamoon into your mouth after a sumptuous dinner, then before you would realize, 6 had vanished into your tummy.

Why the tummy, I too was slim once

You would have heard this phrase or probably you had been using this phrase.

If the eating does not stop, the obvious result would be Belly fat and love handles and issues innumerable to mention as result of over weight.

Before blaming the issue on age, one must understand the reason for belly fat and subsequent weight issues.

As said earlier, for sure 21 is a catchy number, for many do not realize that the number 21 is there to send you an alarm signal. For at that age, the body starts to decline, both in muscle density as well as in bone density.

This in turn would mean, that your body will not function to the optimum levels that you had once known it for. In other words, what was considered Optimum last year is no longer optimum this year. When unnoticed, the rate of disintegration of the body’s shape, structure and muscle fibers advances at a rapid rate, for there is no Check mechanism in place.

The Awareness campaign

All have to grow old, but no one need to become old“- Proverbial saying

Unless an awareness is drawn upon from responsible philanthropist and fitness enthusiasts, nothing tangible can be achieved. With growing health costs and dwindling resources, it is high time that Evangelism portraying the need for Health awareness takes hold and sweeps the young and the old.

For it is the responsibility of all to stay in shape, by staying in shape, the individual not only contributes to the Society, to the Community, but to the world at large.

For this would mean, one less sick person, which in turn would mean, a huge burden reduction for the health sector, which in turn would mean, funds being transferred to where the need is felt and requires utmost.

Of course to the common eye it may not seem much, but think about this way, The Compound Effect way. If the awareness starts to give a contagious domino effect, then every single person would accumulate to render a gargantuan contribution that would bring more bliss and gladness to the world at large.

All Women Exclusive

This Platform is all Women Exclusive, designed keeping in mind the Working Women, the Studying Women, the House Wives, and all Women, who have the desire to become Healthy.

The platform has forums and also welcomes contributions.