Fitness Trainer Requirements

In today’s world with obesity on the rise and health awareness increasing the best profession to be at right now would be a Fitness Trainer. So, we thought we would give you the necessary requirements required in becoming a successful Fitness Trainer.

If you were to ask this question or even send in a mail to one of those Elite Universities then within a day or two you will receive tons of program brochures and enrollment protocols along with the semester as well as the enrollment fee structures. Of course this is not to mention the Boarding and the Lodging cost that will incur.

Education is expensive so expensive that the price that one ought to pay to earn a degree is “poverty”, “educational loans” or worse still bankruptcy.

We are not here to give you tidbits on the importance of earning an expensive degree nor to suggest Universities and Colleges where you can get on. We are here to change your life for better and give the secrets that will earn you Economic independence.

Today you don’t need the attestation of any Board or Education bureaus to say that you have completed all of the requirements for earning this “ Fitness Trainer degree”, and hence now you are the proud owner of this paper.

Yes, you heard it right, “paper”, we are merely using the words of Sir Henry Ford, who merely had a few months of education but went on to become the business Tycoon who built America of the nineteen century.

The stories of these greats are very much the need of the hour. One main reason is the ever growing cost of Higher Education which are beyond the realms of the commoner.

One prominent University Rector openly made a statement saying that, “our university only needs the affluent, the poor have no place here, and only by patronizing the Rich, we can ensure our sustenance and hence this is more of a necessity than want

Well, we can draw many inferences from this statement however in the interest of your time we will merely shed light on what we are about to discuss here. That is, the requirements required to become a Fitness Trainer.

What do you really need, to become a Fitness Trainer

Just by answering this question we would have hit the home run. Yes, What do you really need to become a Fitness Trainer?

Foremost, you definitely need at least a High School certificate. The reason why we suggest this is because you should at least be able to understand the conversation and then reply intelligently. So schooling is a must.

Train in the Art of becoming Fit

After schooling the vital skill that you would require to become a fitness trainer would be the art of becoming fit. The more you spend time in achieving this skill the better your chances of marketability.

Remember you cannot talk your way through. If you claim that you are a fitness trainer and you couldn’t perform 10 pull ups or 50 continuous push ups at a stretch, it is a mortal shame, for you will be mocked and chased off.

Understand-Fitness is different from Bodybuilding-understand this

Bodybuilding is not fitness. In other words, just because you see a bodybuilder you cannot assume that he is fit. It is something like this, you speak with a person and she displays great eloquence in her talking style, if you were to assume that her writing skill would equally match up to her eloquence, then you are committing a mistake.

Great speakers and not great writers and the converse of this statement is also true. Another example would be, just because you drive a Ford it doesn’t mean you will know how to fix it, in the case of a break down.

There are countless assumptions that we can name here. So the take home point is this, Bodybuilding is not Fitness and Fitness in not Bodybuilding.

An absolute Fit person may not able to win the preliminary round in bodybuilding and likewise, an astute bodybuilder may not even be able to complete the first fitness routine leave alone the gassing out part.

The minute you understand the difference you will able to pick and select the requirements for your client and work accordingly.

Give Value for your Clients

This is the key area that most of the companies and corporations fail today. Which is, provide “Value”, to those who put their trust in you. The very first place that your clients have chosen you is because they have trusted you, so your utmost goal and priority in life is to work to keep up that trust.

One way to keep that trust up is to go that Extra mile. If your session is for 1 hour, give your client an addition 20 minutes extra. This will make them to think and wonder, “what a great man/woman is my trainer”.

If you were to do these, then most of your Clients will stay with you for the rest of their lives and not only that, they will recommend you to others. If you were to do this, soon you will achieve monopoly in your field, why? Because most of the other trainers wouldn’t even go that first mile leave alone that extra mile.

Never display attitude– another asset in Fitness Trainer Requirements that you should develop and retain

Remember never to display attitude to your client. In fact, the client is always right and he or she knows what they want and hence the best way would be to avoid confrontation and work your way to suit their demands. If they tell you that they would want a six pack in 2 months, then don’t tell them it is impossible bluntly.

This will not only dampen their desire but will cause them to lose their face before you. Which is not a good sign for a trainer-client relationship.

So how would you react to such a demand? Simple. Just tell them the following, “wonderful, it is possible to get the 6 pack that you needed and become the most attractive person, however the time to achieve it would be a bit longer, and more importantly are you prepare to work for it?

In this way the client will understand that you mean business for your words not only communicate Motivation but also places a reasonable demand on the Client’s part.

It is imperative to understand that display of an affirming and a constructive attitude is among the prime pillars when it comes to Fitness Trainer Requirement.

Keep the Good vibes- an asset in Fitness Trainer Requirements

Most trainers don’t even do this. They have this assumption that the client is at their mercy and that he or she should pay tribute of obedience to them. Well, all these would have been right and appropriate, say, up until 100 years ago, where any student was treated worse than a slave were the concept of “Gurukul” was prevalent with the sole idea that the “teacher” is supreme and all the rest a mere dirt and dung.

But today, we have students more brighter than their teachers/professors, with teachers/professors spending their time on paper publications and seminar presentations, while students are busy playing and making Money.

The first has become the last and the last has become the first, the conqueror has become a slave to the conquered.

Times have changed and world has entered a different phase altogether. So gear up and learn the skills to stay successful.

So the take home point is, always be the welcoming Trainer who is excited at the sight of his/her Client. Give a warm smile, welcome them, say a good word or two that will spice them up for the training.

For you ought to understand that people come to a Gym after a hard day’s back breaking toil. With hours and hours spent on a chair that will break if a person leans back and will rock out if the person leans forward.

Time lines and project presentations, arguments and justifications and inspite of all these, when it is time to check out at 6 pm, they ought to move their Body, Mind and Soul, to enter a Gym and to pay their dues. So, as trainer, you can become that soft buffer which would soften their day. So smile and welcome your clients.

We firmly believe if you were to achieve the above stated Fitness Trainer Requirements, then for sure you would carve out a place for yourself in this profession.

Please note

The purpose of this article is not to claim or say that Higher Education is vain or worthless, but merely to pave the way for those individuals who just cannot afford the ever growing cost of Higher Education. With mounting bills, car loans, house loans, child’s education, food, basic travel, basic necessities, and yet still Education.Where will the commoner go for money when there are hungry mouths to feed and cloth. Thus, this post is an earnest attempt made to educated those individuals to train in Skills that are necessary to get Clients.

We end with the popular saying of Andrew Carnegie, “You don’t have to do Extraordinary things to become great, but do ordinary things in an Extraordinary way. If you do that, the world will beat a way to your door step”