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Of all the great joys that Mankind can receive and enjoy, the greatest of them is Sex. The joy is alike for the Rich and Poor, for the Noble and the Tramp. Sex, shows no reservations, sex has no favorites, he who can, enjoys it, he would cannot, loathes his existence-Greek Philosopher.

The Power of Sex is long known, but apparently with the Main stream media’s involvement, Sex has been turned into a commercial outreach. What was naturally instinctively done, was converted by the volition greed of the few into an unnatural ritual.

Fire will devour the Cotton silk

The ancients, defined a Man to be Fire, and woman , to be Cotton silk. As often was it said, that never to keep Fire and Cotton silk together, for instantly a catastrophic blaze would result.

Such was the power of sexual prowess of Man and Woman. Well, that was the time, when Men were Men, and, Women were Women.

Today, as the famously Calisthenics star once remarked, “There was a time when I kept the bench mark of 100 push ups to qualify to enter my Fitness school, but today, with that bench mark, I merely get a couple of students to train with”

These remarks cannot be far from true. Just walk around you will see how men and women have become so frail, both in walk and talk, so much so that most don’t even seem to enjoy the joy of living.

This problem creeps even into the Sex life of an individual. Sex was created for the pleasure of Man and Woman. But apparently because of challenges in health, which are largely induced by live style choices, sex most so often takes a back stage.

Sexless life Style, just happy to live together, no touching

Today, individuals are happy to live a life of living together friendship, with Sex what so ever. Even though Man and Woman sleep on the same bed, dine and wine at the same house, the Fire of sex is just not to be found.

Social Research has come up with the next term called the, “Age of Sex less relationship”. The reason, people are just not Potent enough to indulge. Meaning, they are just not healthy enough. For it is only the Strong’s desire to procreate and the weaker genes gets automatically gets annihilated.

Whether you like it or not, whether you believed it or not, whether you indulged in it or not, Sex is the most pleasurable of all things, don’t take it from us, but from the Books of Ancient civilization, who have written, annals and annals on this topic and have erected and built monuments to commemorate Sex, manhood and femininity.

Why the need for this section

During our training sessions with thousands of women and also through guidance interaction on Relationship and Dating, we have found this one underlying problem, which is, most women have a serious problem of Low Libido.

The Libido, which is considered as the Spark that sets the blaze, is just not there in most women, or to tell it in more refined manner, Most women don’t have the urge.

Absence of Sex would result in Serious health and Mental issues

We are created to have Sex. When we go against nature, we pay the price, and most often the price is too heavy to bear. Women who do not have sex, or who are running on a long dry spell, turn Moody, easily irritable, and a generally grumpy.

They often loose the essence to admire and adore the best things in life. Let us explain this clearly. A sex less woman displays her attitude in all spheres of her life.

Just imagine her child goes up to show the painting she has drawn to her mother. In all fairness, a good mother would often react in a positive manner, irrespective of the way the painting was done. But the mother jumps the breaks and screams at the child for disturbing her status quo, which would be, lost in her world.

However, she is not to be blamed, the problem here is, the woman, who is also a mother is running a serious dry spell of sex less marriage. The reason, low Libido. No actual desire for sex.

On more than many occasions, she has turned away from the advancing man, and has explicitly told him that she is not interested.

Sexless marriage is the number one cause for Divorce, Duels, Quarrels, and what not. But this need not be this way, a simple rectification can bring them back together. Thus, this section is brought in to save Marriages, to save Relationships, to save the trouble the innocent Children undergo, because of their Parents, who themselves do not know how to solve these situations.

Our aim is to provide you with Advice and Suggestions that will ensure that your Marriage and or Relationship with that special Man is intact and preserved and beats the onslaught of time. All of these advice and suggestions are meant to serve as a guide to Girls/Women, in their relationship.

However, there is no one design that would fit all, and hence ought to be taken with a pinch of salt. For you are unique and so is your man. We wish you all, the best of lives together with Happiness and joy and more Sex.