How to avoid the smelly Ass

This is probably the most avoided topic when it comes to Women’s health. How to avoid the smelly Ass, is not only important but will aid in achieving a complete and and a satisfied sex life.

We start off with the following quote.

The priceless asset that can turn any man on instantly is a woman’s ass, but the pity is very few women are aware as to what treasure they behold- Hugh Heifer.

This cannot be truer today that it was ever before. We all know being humans, we all have our weaknesses and our strengths, but most too often it is the weakness that drives the potential mate away. Yes we are here to give knowledge as to what a smelly ass can do to your relationship.

The weakness that we are talking here is the effluent bad smell that can remain behind you and you are not even aware of it.

Better looking Butt is merely not enough

When the love making session starts, of the many things a man will reach would be the ass or the booty. Now once he is there the general intention would be the kicking in of the animal instinct, which is the taste of the female ass. Here the taste would merely mean smell.

Of course you might argue as to why he should go behind, well, we do not know why, but we know from the sexology of a male instinct, this would eventually occur.

Now, the problem is, when his nose hits those taboo areas, the sense of excitement together with the sexual energy triggers all hits the roofs until suddenly the sexometer rapidly hits zero. What did go wrong? Well, the Butt was sweet looking but the smell in and around is the culprit.

Blame it on the Smell

Blame it on the smell. The smell of the feces nozzle can be intolerable which is quite obvious given the fact the putrification that food ought to undergo before the waste is ejected out. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for an un kept Ass hole.

We all know love is blind and that sex is even blinder. That would mean at the time of sex, nothing disgustful can turn a man off except the sense of smell. It is important to understand that the power of smell is even stronger than the power of vision. Just study the visually impaired people, they would be able to identify a new comer merely by looking straight in the direction that person is advancing towards them.

Well, it is because of this sense, all of the cosmetic products that women use is glazed with fragrance.

The mood is what sets the note

Sex is a complex science. It is just not what you see in the movies but way and beyond something more advanced than that. So much so that even a slightest flutter of wings from an insect caught by a lizard will send the halt sign to the brain during a sexual act.

Having said that, the sense of smell will often be the deciding factor whether sex should occur or not. Because for sex to occur, the desire which is called the mood should set in first. This is what that triggers the Libido which acts just as a spark plug in an engine.Setting things on Fire.

How he works his moves

When the passions are high, the furnace is hot, he starts from the breasts and slides down the naval and then he hits her hips, doesn’t stop there, goes down further to make the woman cum.

The juice is now flowing more rapidly and the heat has reached ceiling high. Suddenly the flip occurs, he now starts to kiss and lick the back of her neck, the woman is already screaming, his tongue is now leading the way down until her median line is reached.

Now comes the other peaks. An average woman can reach 8 peaks during a sex, while 5 of them are on the front the rest are at the rear. Sex is never complete for her until all of these peaks are reached.

Reality will hit you hard

Continuing on with his tongue’s progression along her median, suddenly something occurs. The reality of ignorance hits his nose hard. He just couldn’t take it.

Pulls himself off, and walks off for a drink. While she waits there on the bed thinking that he will return only to find that her ignorance has deprived her of a great night.

True life Experience with regard to the issue of smelly Ass

You might think the above is nothing more than a novelic narration. But wait, let us tell you the truth. The content is a collected social research report obtained from a third party. All of the women subjects have expressed this issue with a smelly ass and at some point felt that their relationship could have been much better or even saved had these insights shared and delved upon. Thus we had embarked on this noble journey to address the least addressed topic and come out with tips and care as to how to avoid the Smelly ass.

Recommendations to avoid the smelly ass, even better to achieve an Ass that is fragrant and enticing

If you follow all of these recommendations we are sure you will acquire the best fragrance. The following tips caters the needs as to how to avoid the smelly ass.

Take Showers generously

It is said the women of Egypt bathed 8 times a day. Water undoubtedly washes most of the accumulated bacteria since it is the number one cause for the odor. We are not asking you to shower 8 times, but at least every time you pass your stools. In this way you not only free yourself from bacterial attack but at the same ensure that your now confident that your asset is sparkling clean.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Take two table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it with warm water of 150 ml. Just before having sex, wash your Ass using generous amounts. Then dry it out with a good soft silk cloth. Apple Cider is Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal and will ensure that the area is kept bacteria free.

Use Ginger liberally in foods

If there is one food that is least studied then it is Ginger. This common Herb is more good than all of the boasted spices, just to tell the least. Ginger when used in foods, will act as an Soothing and Healing agent and more so its Antibacterial quality will rid your stomach of all wastes. It can also act as a powerful detox.

Training your Ass

Along with caring for your Ass, ensure that you regularly train them. Check here for complete Ass Training. Because, training not only brings tone and shape to your Butt will always aid and help in the release of toxins.