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back pain and remedies

Anybody can get, Back pain, and if left untreated, the mobility will be greatly compromised. However, if you treat it using the existing methods available that are provided by the so called Modern Medicines of the world, the chances are that, your Pain will ever remain a Pain on your, Back.

For these so called treatments, are not treatments, but Over treatments. A person suffering from Back pain walks into a Physician’s office, Boom!, the next thing she sees is a request that she Undergo a total body Scan.

Now there is a huge Problem with that, because, there was a time, when you went for Screening, merely that part, where the Pain was centralized was the one that was Screened, Checked and Treated. But today, under the name of Total Body Scan | Screening, a Person will be screened for 500, parameters.

Now, just imagine, for every parameter scanned, according to Statistics, there will be, 5 %, false positive, so for 500, parameters scanned, there will be 2500 false positives.

Now what does that mean, it merely means that, for every 1000, persons seeing a doctor, there will be, 25000, sicknesses, that would be identified for these 1000 persons. Thus, in no time, you will suddenly find yourself, diagnosed with at least 5 diseases and syndromes, and immediately put on Medications.

We are not stating or proposing this to be the existing condition, but, we are merely telling you, what the Science of Statistics and those innumerable papers published on Hospitalization, treatments and Modern Medicines and Medications, tells us.

The Rich becomes poor and the Poor becomes miserable

So, the take home point is, Prevention is better than Cure. For today, treatments are expensive and beyond the reach of the Common person. No matter, Rich or Poor, the judgement is alike. For Hospitals are fast becoming a place where the Rich becomes poor and the Poor becomes miserable, according to received reports.

So to ensure your life on this planet is spent wisely and experiencing the joy and goodness that life shines on you, you ought to retain, maintain and sustain, the Health that you have. The best way to do that would be to, Exercise.

Back Pain- Exercises

Foremost, before you start exercising any parts of your Body, for pain relief or merely to perform the Routine, you should and must ensure that your Body is sufficiently Warmed up.

After spending, 15 hours behind your Computer, you simply cannot walk in and start off the Exercise regime. If you do that, you will either Injure yourself, or Aggravate existing Injuries. We know that and have seen that, where countless, Online magazines, do not stress this Important part, which is WARM UP.

The Trunk rotation-Exercise 1

How to Perform this Exercise

After your warm up, start by lying on a mat, with your back firmly rested.

Pull in your feet, making an angle as shown in the Picture below.


This is third stage, here, you move your Trunk, so that your upper body remains as it is, while your lower body is tilted as shown in the picture. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and then return to the Stage 2. From here on, tilt the Trunk again towards the other direction, and hold this position for 10 seconds, then return back to Stage 2.

For Maximum benefit

Repeat this movement for 10 Repetitions. To achieve Maximum benefit, blow air out when you are tilting your trunk and refrain from breathing. Now, as you move back to the Start position [which here would be Stage 2], you can begin breathing.


While raising up, always, move to your Side and rise up. Never rise up, with your back facing the ground. This is considered the Maximum stress position and Avoid this at all times, for the well being of your back.

The Bridge-Exercise 2

This is a powerful exercise, and has multiple benefits. One would be to strengthen your lower back, shapes up your legs and butt, tones your Tummy.

Lie on your back, as shown in the picture, then using your Elbows and your Heels for support, raise your Upper body, so as to form an Inclined Bridge.

Hold this position for 10 seconds and then return back to the Position shown above. Perform at least 10 repetitions.

For Best Results

Blow air out as you are heading to form the Bridge. Refrain from breathing as you hit the final position. Hold your breadth. Then commence Breathing as you return to the Start position.

Cat-Cow position-Exercise 3

This is another powerful Exercise. This exercise not only strengthens your back, but provides a complete stretch to the lower and middle vertebrate column.

How to perform this Exercise

Go down on all fours. Ensure that your back is held without any arch and your weight is distributed well between your hands and your knees.

Position 2

Now, thrusting your arse out, make an inward Arch with your back, concurrently, look up;. Hold this position for 4 seconds. See the picture below for reference.

Position 3

Now, make an outward Arch. Hold this position for 4 seconds. See picture for reference.

Repeat the exercise, from Position 2 and Position 3, for at least 10 times.

The Cobra Stance-Exercise 4

This is the final Exercise which will give a complete stretch of your enter Vertebrate Column. The intensity of this Exercise can be adjusted by subsequently raising the Left leg alone, followed by raising the Right leg alone and then finally, Left and Right leg together.

How to do this Exercise

Lie comfortably on your tummy, now with your palms, raise your Upper body, while ensuring that your lower part from navel down is rigidly in contact with the floor. For better result, you can squeeze your Arse-tight. This will not only strengthen your butt muscles, but will provide better shape and structure to your hamstring and butt.

You can clearly see the shape of a raised Cobra [see picture], ready to strike its opponent. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and then go back to the start position.

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