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A recent study shows that Women who work for Corporate companies, on an average sit for 9 hours a day, this does not include the commuting time.

Staying seated for long hours can induce back problems

But do you know? the Human body is not designed for long hours of sitting? Recently published Research shows that when the human anatomy is forced into a chair, the internal pressure exerted on internal organs quadruples and not only that, the spine, which is the vital part of the human body, experiences enormous pressure and as a result develops issues which results in excruciating pain, subsequently back problems and standing issues to name a few.

But these problems just don’t stop there, Research also states that most Women develop acute Migraines, Eye problems and High blood pressure. Most Women also develop cataract issues at an early stage -According to Health surveys.

Problems of low Libido and Sex drive

According to Published research Women who spend long hours seated often experience Low libido and subsequently the urge to experience or indulge in Sex often gets sidelined or even perishes totally.

According to the Marriage and Relationship advice coach, Martha, loss of libido is a red flag when it comes to relationships. More so, no matter what, Sex is the cementing factor for any great relationship. This is also true that absence of Sex will be the single most factor for most relationship break ups.

A published research ascertains this fact that there exists a strong Correlation between Breakups and Corporate women. Of the many factors, the vital and most prominent factor being, most Corporate women, have accepted that they often had very low sex drive when it comes having sex with their Men and that the demands of their jobs often took up the priority even during bed times.

Constipation, Hemorrhoids, colon pressure

According to reports, there has been a 40% increase in Hemorrhoids occurrences among working women, more so among women who spent on an average 42 hours a week at their seats. Reports also affirm that there has also been a 50% increase in constipation cases among working women.

Constipation, according to Vedic and Ayurveda medicines is the number one cause for diseases. This fact is the central pillar for many ancient medicines of the World. However, Western medicines does not relate Sickness and Diseases to Constipation and that is why the western drugs are not considered a Cure for the ill, but a mere treatment pill for ill.

Hemorrhoids which are the direct consequences of Constipation often doesn’t resolve with medicines, but requires not one, but multiple surgeries.

About our Training

We have merely highlighted some of the diseases and syndromes that are associated with long hauls at your desk job. All of the mentioned cases are from received Reports and Research.

The best way to tackle these issues would be to focus on becoming Strong and Healthy.

Like all disciplines, Health too requires systematic Training, Motivation and Consistency.

Our Training programs are all designed keeping TMC parameter in mind. Thus, we can assure you, with our TMC, you are bound to Grow, develop and become Strong.

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