Precautions to follow to ensure your back is always protected

Your back ranks among the precious assets you got. So, it is imperative for you to take some precautions when it comes to protecting your back.

Two major Precautions to follow

Major back problem arises because of the Chair and the sitting positions that these chairs could afford. Most of these Chairs provided by the employer is either deigned poorly or does not offer sufficient back comfort for working Employees.

So, the only alternative here would be to speak up. It is your back, and after all you are working for someone and making money for them. So why not they provide you with, at least a good seat.

Second one

This can also be attributed to cause more back injuries.

Whenever you are required to move Heavy objects, or even up lift them up, ensure that you follow the right approach while doing so.

Lifting heavy objects without bending your legs, will transfer the entire weight of the Object to your Spine, this is precarious and may cause injury.

Most times, people adopt the first way, shown in the picture, often due to Ignorance or due to laziness. So don’t do that.

The ideal manner to lift or move Heavy objects would be to Squat down and use your leg Muscles to do the heavy lifting.