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Why being Fat is abhorred

If there is one community who can claim Discrimination on every sphere of life today, then it should and must be the Fat people. Fat people are one group of people who are Discriminated so much by their Families, their Friends, their schools, their Universities, their clubs, their gyms, their fast food joints, their restaurants, and the list keeps going, that there is literally no word in the language of the communicable prose to illustrate their plight, their anguish, their suffering and their feeling of being singled out.

The Main stream media blows its horn in all four corners saying that Fat people are welcomed, Fat people are loved, Fat people are adored, when in reality, there is not even a single facility which has at least signs of welcome and adoration on display reassuring that Fat people are in deed part of the community.

Just walk into a Main stream media, studio, you will be appalled to see the best of well kept women in the Universe, all adorning their offices and featuring in their Media casts.

When was the last time you saw a Fat women on one of the talk shows, telling you how happy and healthy she felt to be Fat, Never. Neither would this fable be possible nor acceptable, more so, majority of the TV shows featuring women are viewed by single men, who often take their passion out watching these shows. So, these Medias will go to extremities to ensure that only best well kept ladies are on their shows.

Why do we tell you all this? Simple, just to make sure that you know the underlying truth so that it can liberate you mind and set your focus on getting in shape.

To top it all up, adding more fuel and insults to Fat people, is Hollywood. Just look at the movies they make, and you will know what exactly we are talking about. When was the last time you saw a Fat woman being cast opposite to Brad Pit or Tom Cruize. Don’t worry, that is never going to happen. Why was the cast in Pretty woman, chosen to be a slim, elegant well kept woman? Why?

So the bottom line is Fat are abhorred by the Main stream media, by Hollywood, and yet still, they paint this picture of plastic smiles.

The Reasons why Fat is ugly

Yes, we all know we live in the age of the fast foods, the KFCs, the MACs, the Fries and the Pizzas. With population’s average weight ever increasing, and with every weight increase comes the dangers of sicknesses and diseases.

You need to get this straight, in the 6000 years of recorded human history, people were never Fat. People were known for their Warrior physique, and their Prowess of being strong and brave.

Have you anytime seen a Fat people Statue adorning the walls of the Egyptian or Roman Civilization? Have you seen? For sure No. Neither does the present day Museums hangs any.

All of the stars of movies that we love and cherish, have always the Glamorous physique, those Macho biceps and broad shoulders. Why would Hollywood, always portray its stars like this? Simple, that is how Women love their Men to be and vice versa, men love their women to be attraction magnetism to the likes of Cleopatra.

women love Strong men, men love slim women

Women are programmed to go for those Broad shoulders, big biceps and iron pillar legs. This is how they were always been and this how they will always be, nothing can change that. While on the contrary, most men are designed to look for women who are slim, trim and have the shape of a Lavender. Elegance and delicateness, attract more men. Why is it so, don’t ask us, we were not included in the original design.

So that bottom line is, when we like and desire things which are chiseled to absolute perfection, then why did we do the foolishness of adopting a diet which will turn us into an Oblate water bubble. Diet has been the major cause for more women becoming fat.

For all have eaten and have become fat

The Desire to eat foods which titillated the buds but wrecked havoc to our bodies. There was a time when food was very expensive and not easily available. Men and women ought to walk miles in search of food, but today, all have changed. You no longer need to even get out of your bed, just call, and food will be presented before you.

Unhealthy choice of food has singly turned the masses from elegance to putrid, from slim to fat, from dexterity to obscurity. Today, 70% of the women fall into the category of being over weight. While, 40% can be categorized as obese.

It is imperative to understand that losing weight for a woman is double taxing that it is for a man. The reasons are simple, the body make up of a Man is too different from that of a Woman. In other words, a simple workout of 30 minutes will burn more calories for a Man than for a Woman. This would mean, if a woman puts on those additional pounds, then they are not going to to easily come off like that.

Fat women will miss out on the Alpha males

A recent survey indicates the choice preferences of potential women suitors to be Men who carry with them the tag titled, Alpha males.

Asked the reasons as to why most women are attracted to the Alphas, the answer was simple. Alpha males take the prize, they are accomplished persons in the Society, they are bold, courageous, they Lead while others follow, they are the game changers, they are Purpose driven, they don’t chase women on the contrary, women chase them, they have the highest standing in the Society. The bottom line, women want them.

So said all these, if you as women would fall prefer a life of power, luxury and ambiance, then the road to such a life is, getting the attention of an Alpha male.

What should you do to get an Alpha male

It is said, we don’t get what we want, we merely get what we deserve. In other words, you only attract those things that are the mirror image of your own Capacity, your own Capabilities, your own Purchase powers.

You would have noticed this at times. While at school, you would have had this so called best friend. A friend with whom you would have dined and supped, a friend with whom you would have shared the best moments in life, and too often you always dreamed that you two will and shall remain friends forever.

But with the advancement of time, both you’all parted ways, you joined college, graduated, and found a job. Then after years, you had this opportunity to meet up with this old school friend. You find that her life standards had greatly improved, she now has a great flat, a great car, with all the great things in life to show and feel proud off. On the contrary, you are barely making the pay check meet your ends.

You call her out for a cup of coffee, and she reluctantly obliges. During the conversation, you find none of those love, hope, laughter and fun that once made you cheerful was present. You realize that your once friend is not even ready to keep the conversation flowing. In short you get what she is hinting at, and you politely bid good bye and part ways.

You don’t need Rocket Science to understand the human psychology here. Simple, the Status of your friend has just sky rocketed and she finds it below her standards to have any friendship or even an acquaintance with you.

Birds of feather, flock to together. This is the law of Economics, the law of money, the law of status, you may not like it, but this is the way, things are operated on this planet, may be in an another planet, No, but here, people always look out for their likes to hang out with.

Why did we tell you this illustration? Merely to emphasize the point, if you are a 5 on a, 1 to 10 scale, then you will merely attract a 3 or 4 or may be a 5. But never anything higher than that. We know this is cruel, but life is cruel. Life only gives out to us, what we deserve, and not what we want. The sooner you learn this and change, the better your life would be.

You can change all this

This need not be like this, you can change. There are always ways to make yourself into a High Valued Women [HVW]. There are many things that go into making a women High value, and one such thing would be Physical appearances.

When we talk of appearance we don’t mean applying tons of creams and makeup stuff, we meant, changing your body shape into the best shape possible.

When you attraction levels increase, you attract the best

Remember, Men are attracted by the Looks. If you have those envious shape, then just like Bees, Men will follow you. For your attraction level has increased which has subsequently increased your value.

Also remember this, there are many different types of Powers. Of the many there are just two vital things that you ought to accomplish to accentuate yourself to the HVW status. Those are, the Power of the Body and the Power of Money. We would provide you here with advice as to how to achieve the Body Power.

Life is all about choices, and your choices will determine the Power, the Energy and the Cash flow you can attain. To the main stream media, all these can be a big turn off, why? Because, the fatter you are, the better a slave you shall be. Slave to your prescription, slave to your boss, slave to your community, slave to your healthcare, and the slaving just keeps in shackles.

The Dangers of being Fat

The Main stream media will call you a Plus size model, and will keep adding the fire that you are gorgeous, you are amazing, but in reality, according to a survey taken among potential young men, 99 % of them found Fat women unattractive.

More so, medically, when a woman is Fat, there are a ton of medical challenges that can be encountered. Uncontrolled body weight is the number 3 cause for disastrous health conditions to plague the both the young and younger women.

So if you are going to be believing that lie, that Plus size is just fine, then have a ton load of money to cater to the health needs that will soon catch you up as you move into your early thirties.

The Purpose

The purpose of this section to give you tips and advice so as to enable you to get your birthright back. The right to look great in your body.