Avoid the unmotivated Trainer

A Trainer’s role is the integral part of a beginners journey. Especially when it comes to continuing something as challenging as Physical fitness. It is imperative to understand that the influence of the Body over the Mind is huge and most times it is the Body that will win the convincing game.

This is so true for all of the working women, if not there wouldn’t be an eyebrow raising stats that points to 90% drop out rates after the first month. One main reason to this would be, after the day’s hard and mind taxing job, it takes the strength of Hercules to hit the gym, more so the very thought of doing the House chores after the work out.

It is definitely not easy but if it was easy then all would have the best possible health and fitness. To make matters worse is the presence of an unmotivated Trainer who often thinks that he/she is doing a service by offering his/her service to you.

You are already tired after the day’s work, and you muster your courage gather your strength and then only to lose all of your motivation at the sight of your Trainer who without even a slightest excitement welcomes you like unto the movement of a buffalo at the sparkling showers of summer rain.

Face is the index of the Mind, this proverb cannot be more true when it comes to the mindset of these Trainers. They give out the vibes of Plastic smiles that you don’t even feel like giving your 100 percent. You merely go through the process and off you hit the shower.

Avoid such demotivating trainers like the Plague for they would do more damage than any good. Physical fitness is the mind game, you need to prepare the mind so that it sends out the good vibes to the body with reinforcement of assurances that, “yes, you can do it”, “yes, you will successfully complete today’s training”, “yes, you need to pay the dues, so go forth and do it”. The much needed question to be posed here is, is your Trainer motivating you in this manner or is he/she merely aiding you in the process of getting over with the Routines.

If the answer belongs to the later then you are in the company of the wrong person. This Trainer would single handedly will wreck your all of your aspiration to get fit and healthy. Why would we say that? Simple, you are merely portray the likes of those with whom you spend your important sessions with. Fitness training is one such session. If the vibes that you receive does not aid in the making of a better you, then you eventually get cast into the mold that your Trainer is aspiring hard to get you in.

In brevity this unmotivated Trainer is giving out all of these demotivating vibes in the very first place is because, he or she has interest or care or concern that your Health ought to improve. More so they are there just because without the moving a single muscle other than the muscle around their mouth they are taking the pay for the service that they had not put in.

Most Gyms are filled with Trainers of this caliber. Trainers who have better Personal Records yet still are unwilling to motivate their students to reach peaks that they had conquered. One main factor would be lack of commitment and the other being lack of professional ethics. For most Trainers are only there because of their body and had not acquired any Training certification or Education when it comes to rendering quality service and coaching. This lack goes on to show in their way of delivery and in their professional standing. The Gyms where they work are unable to tell these Trainers, merely for the fear that they would hop on to another Gym. Thus the burden rests on you who is the Client. It is your responsibility to spot the Good from the Bad and opt to hire the services of the Good.

Remember Fitness is an important aspect in your life mainly for one reason, being fit means you are independent in your life and that would mean you get to enjoy plenty more time the joys that life has to offer you. So, don’t let a bad Trainer steal the joy from you.