Never join a Gym which has recommendations merely from Movie Stars

Never join the Gym which has Recommendations from Superstars, Movie Stars and so called influencers. Why do we say this? Read on our justification.

Today everything is glamour based but most don’t understand that if you don’t put in the work required then no amount of Glamour can do the job.

Money cannot buy Success. Success is bought with a price, the price is your work Ethic

A popular book has the following quotes, “Of course your Credit card can buy those Protein milk shakes, those Lifting belts, the Gear, the sparkling sports wear, but when it comes to those ripped bodies and bulging Biceps, they are just Priceless”

This is so true, just because an Actor recommends a Gym it doesn’t mean you will get all of these assets just by looking at the pictures posted in the Gyms.

More so, joining a Gym is a life choice, a Gym can make or break your life and more too often they can have a bad influence that can take a life time to opt out. When Stars recommend, the much important question to ask here would be, how many times do these so called Actors and Stars and bodybuilding legends do workout here?

Gerard was in fact the Spartan who won the hearts but let go his work ethic

More so, many of the so called movie stars and actors have a sort of bad temperament to follow and emulate. They have fits of angers and practices that are questionable. Today the Media acclaims them as stars and pronounced actors, but the next few months of bad flops and lousy work ethic, they are back to square one to bite the dust.

Don’t believe us, then look around, you will find countless examples of superstars and movie stars who have fallen from grace all because they had thought to themselves that they are invincible.

By their very attitude and work ethic, they quit doing the things that took them to the places that they could only dream off.

Spent all of their fortunes and fame on dinning and winning with people with the thought that their chiseled physique will ever remain to aid them and protect them and will always ensure that they be those ever shining stars adorning the night skies.

But they were wrong. Samson the famous story in Bible thought too likewise. So, he spent his best part of the day with Harlots and prostitutes, giving his strength to untamed sex.

With depleted sexual stamina he almost surrendered to a harlot called Delilah, who controlled him with words such as these, “Samson, tell me the secret of your strength if you wanted me to have sex with you”. Samson so engrossed with her, told the secret that made him Samson, the strongest. The rest was history as to how Samson perished.

So why are we telling you this, simply because, most superstars of yesterday days have become Samsons and have perished to oblivion of no return to the stardom.

Mike was an Icon and then from nowhere his fame go to him

Take the case of Mike Tyson. Mike was the superstar in the field of Boxing. No one was even remotely equal to Mike’s prowess and striking power. Throughout his career, Mike made around 400 Million during his career fights..

Today, Mike is a lost man, with marks on his face to show the representation of a lost man. Mike doesn’t even want to see the Superstar Mike of his hey days. Bitterness, Failure and loss of Self control has spelled Mike’s downfall.

Mike, the superstar of yesterday days, whose single word once could dictate the brand’s prospects in the sporting community, has words today that holds no water, merely for the simple fact that they had it all and gave it all away.

Success is something that ought to be cared and worked for. Success is a journey, you ought to get hard at your craft and work on it day and night, come rain or sun.

More so, take the quotes of success only from those who had managed to hang on and remain at the top and not from those who have let it slip by even without noticing its departure.

Take lessons who are walking the road and not from those who are viewing the road from the eyes of their promoters. Merely to give some recommendations so as to grease their pockets.

So when we see these film stars, actors and influencers giving rating and recommendations to Gyms, it gets the laughter out of us.

How would they know if the Gym is good, better or best. They don’t even enter or work at it for a single day in their life time, yet they have this audacity to attest and recommend. Like unto the Cricketers who never drink Coke or Pepsi, yet they have this uncanny ability and deception to promote and say that these drinks are good.

So the take home point, if you interested in joining a Gym, just walk into the Gym, look at the crowd levels, as well as those who are keenly training. If possible get an appointed tour and ensure that you perform first hand investigation about the Equipment to People ratio. The last thing you would want is to perform a set and then wait the next 15 minutes, expecting your turn to come.