Don’t lift Heavy

dangers of lifting heavy weights

When the excitement runs high, when you see those around you beating the iron hard, the heat in the furnace is building up, the Stereo pumping harder, the general inclination would be to Push harder, Life harder, Hey! you just wait.

The Anatomy of Male is different from a Female. If Male and Female are equal, as professed by the Main stream media, then all females should be walking around with penises and males growing virginas, and we all know it would never happen, even if the sun was to rise from the west.

Having said that, the Science of Weight training is totally different when it comes to training a man and woman. A man can easily bench press 100 kgs, but it can wreck havoc to a woman who tries that same weight. The reasons are simple, the body structure, the composition, the frame, the strength to body ration, and a ton of other variables are way different that what one might profess to know.

In all honesty, when the Main stream media promotes the idea that a woman can lift the same heavy weight and perform the same hard routine, then what they are deviously doing is back stabbing women with their concocted sugary poison.

The bottom line, when you suffer there is not going to be a single soul standing there to heal and comfort you in those turbulent times. Why are we saying this? Because, there are lot published works that simple point the dangers that heavy lifts do to the women’s anatomy.

Some of the dangers includes, high Testosterone secretion that drastically interferes with normal femininity functions, so much so that Menstruation stops. It is imperative to understand that the mere interference with Menstrual cycles has untold misery documented and featured in the annals of those voluminous medicopedias.

Femininity the prized possession goes through the roof

The very essence in a female is the femininity, but huge muscle build ups alters the feminine walk, the behaviors and the over all physiology. In other words, females, begin to take the walk of man, which is neither funny nor sexy to walk.


Next asset to be lost would be the voice. With heavy lifts, the voice modulation will take a hit in the negative side. The gentle, loving and melodious voice will vanish, replacing it with a voice that is more on the coarser side.

The attraction level dips to zero. We all know the reason why women wear make up, simple, they need the attraction force aired towards them. This is the reason that the cosmetics industry has grown to be a multi Billion dollar industry. Well, with a manly walk, there is a remote probability that the air attraction would ever sway in that direction.

Heavy lifting increases blood pressure. Published works in this area ascertain this fact, and the correlation is very significant, specially when the lifters were females. There is high correlation between High blood pressure and heart disease among female lifters.


Heavy lifting can cause slip disc. There is a high correlation between Women lifters and slip disc. Even to the seasoned lifters this can be traumatic. Given the women’s weak skeletal structure, this is more prevalent among women who regularly involve in heavy lifting.

Heavy lifting will cause Chronic back problems.


Heavy lifting among women causes high incidences of Hernia. This situation is life threatening and most too often quite traumatic and fearful. The number one cause for Hernia among women is lifting heavy weights.

What is wrong in woman being Muscular?

Well this is the propaganda of the Main stream media, whose sole purpose is to reverse the gender roles and create chaos and disorder. We have thousands of museums, tell us how many times have you seen a portrait or a statue that has women depicted with muscles? Never. Why,? Simple, because women are different.

A simple test would prove you the difference. Just pick a young man and a young woman, and allot them two well kept rooms for their stay. The condition is the man and woman should do all of the cleaning and well keeping of their rooms and no external help should be called in.

Now, visit these rooms at the end of 30 days. The room that housed the young woman will be spotless and on the contrary the room that housed the young man would be hell or something closer to it with regard to the cleanliness aspect of it.

This is just to say the way a woman and a man operate. Thus, underlying point that ought to observed here is the fact that there plenty of misguidance effluent from the Main stream media with regard female fitness, and in most cases, these advice when implemented will change an elegant woman into an ugly man.

We said all these just to make a point that if men were to be the symbol of beauty then they would never have a face growing beard, the very minute after their evening shave. Likewise, if women were to be have tons of muscles, the their bone density would never be weaker than that of a man.

The take home 2 cents advice

It is imperative to foremost understand the reason why we embark on a fitness routine. We are there for the general well being of our body and mind and not to impress or to set personal bests.

Exercise is good, but like in everything, moderation is the key. Most too often, women get drawn into the feeling of setting records and fail to understand the complex configuration of the body make up.

Knowledge is power. So with this power, let us also seek understanding of Biology and the fact that Man and Woman are two different genetic make up and each makeup ought to understand the truth and design their routines accordingly.