Why you must eat that Steak?

The life of a women is filled with challenges, both physically as well as mentally. But we shall restrict this post to the challenges posed physically.

The Burden of Menstruation is just too much to take it

Just image Blood is flowing out non stop from your body and there is nothing that you could do to stop it. Yes, we are talking about the Menstruation cycle. This yoke of burden is too much to take for any women during her productive times. More so, the entire Main stream media is merely showcasing Napkins and Under wears that can be worn during the cycle rather than on Nutrition that a women or a girl can take to balance the blood lost.

Any balance minded person will question the Rational behind such adverts posted by the Media, and what good comes out of it? Well, that is what is called as capitalizing on one person’s ordeal. Well, at this point we wish to stand up for the cause of all Women, for their benefits and future. So, we had decided to write this post and provide some information of value that would not only aid but combat the heavy struggle and not to mention the blood loss along with the nutrients.

The Importance of Blood

Every cell in the body requires Nutrients that are it receives through the transport vehicle called as Blood. In other words, the Blood that is oxygen rich has all of the necessary nutrients for effective body functions.

We all know the potency of the Blood depends on its Iron content. In other words, it is the iron content that gives the Blood the color Red. Now during Menstruation, this valuable resource is lost. Now unless this loss is replaced or a preventive mechanism is put in place, the situation of Iron deficiency develops.

Iron deficiencies causes innumerable issues in the human body, from weak eye sight, to scaly nails, from cracking joints to muscle spasm and subsequently wasting of muscles. Iron is in fact the heart of the Blood’s constituent and without it, most of the bodily functions comes to a halt.

Lack of Iron and disorders

Poor Vision

weak muscles

Poor menstrual cycles

Lack of Libido

Erectile dysfunction among Men

Hair loss

Scaly nails

Brittle bones

Weak teeth

Bleeding gums

The list is not exhaustive but is present merely to give you an idea of the dangers that are caused due to Iron deficiency arising out of Menstruation.

How could I replace the Lost Iron

It is said build the dams before the rain hits. The wise will always put the plans into action even before calamity strikes. It is always the best and the wisest idea to prevent a disease even before it could set its sails towards you.

So, the best preventive mechanism to safe guard against Iron loss is to use Whole foods that are rich in Iron content.

Of course there are many Doctors who would prescribe Iron supplements to ensure that the Big Pharma get their cut. But remember, every time you swallow a pill, be it an Antibiotic or a Supplement, you are merely taxing your Liver.

It is good to understand that to the Liver, all drugs are considered a Toxin, and that is why, the minute you swallow a drug, the Liver goes into panic mode and tries to expel all of the drug’s toxicity out.

But this will never happen if you consume foods rich in Iron, that are from Nature. For the body will clearly know and realize that these foods are close to the substance called life and are not made in the Laboratory, so better response and reciprocation that are positive is received, both from the body and the Liver.

The best of all foods to eat that is rich in Iron

If you want to replace the lost iron at a faster pace then you ought to adopt a diet that has Steak as its integral part. You don’t have to consume tons of Streak, but in moderation.

The philosophers of Ancient Greece once said, “Let your Food be your Medicine and your Medicine your Food”. Thus going by the rule of the ancients, there is nothing wrong if the medicine that you ought to consume for your betterment comes from an Animal source.

Nutrition facts of Steak



Nothing comes even remotely closer to Steak when it comes to the requirements posed by your body during those Menstruation cycles.

Remember there can be plenty people who will say a thousand things pertinent to Nature, and how you are going against it by your Steak eating mannerisms, and how more water is depleted and things like that.

Because, after the Fat-Cholesterol, myth was busted, now they have adopted the way of citing Nature and water scarcity and Animal care and Animal love, to stop and prevent you from becoming Healthy, this is a mere tactic. Just don’t fall a prey to this victimization. It is your body, and to care for it is your birth right. Go for your Steak.