eat your steak and menstrual cycles

Why you must eat that Steak?

The life of a women is filled with challenges, both physically as well as mentally. But we shall restrict this post to the challenges posed physically.

The Burden of Menstruation is just too much to take it

Just image Blood is flowing out non stop from your body and there is nothing that you could do to stop it. Yes, we are talking about the Menstruation cycle. This yoke of burden is too much to take for any women during her productive times. More so, the entire Main stream media is merely showcasing Napkins and Under wears that can be worn during the cycle rather than on Nutrition that a women or a girl can take to balance the blood lost. read more

fats are not bad

The Truth you should know about Fats

Fats are condemned and their reputation Tarnished. The Main stream media did it all well in stigmatizing fat. Today, the word Fat is associated with Disease, Sickness, and high medication cost.

This post aims to shed some light so as to enable you to get the correct picture

The two types of Fats

All Fats are not Equal, for there are fats made by man, which are dangerously Hazardous and those which Nature gives us which are not Hazardous when consumed in Moderation.

Neither our contention nor our case is not against Man made Fats, which are known as Trans Fats, which we all know is on the negative end of Health but our case is for Saturated Fats, which were targeted by the Main stream media for reasons well known to all, and that reason would be to promote the growth and the spread of the Big Pharma greed. read more