The Truth you should know about Fats

Fats are condemned and their reputation Tarnished. The Main stream media did it all well in stigmatizing fat. Today, the word Fat is associated with Disease, Sickness, and high medication cost.

This post aims to shed some light so as to enable you to get the correct picture

The two types of Fats

All Fats are not Equal, for there are fats made by man, which are dangerously Hazardous and those which Nature gives us which are not Hazardous when consumed in Moderation.

Neither our contention nor our case is not against Man made Fats, which are known as Trans Fats, which we all know is on the negative end of Health but our case is for Saturated Fats, which were targeted by the Main stream media for reasons well known to all, and that reason would be to promote the growth and the spread of the Big Pharma greed.

We give our justification that were sourced from several learned authors and researchers just to provide you with much needed understanding of Information. It is solely up to you to make informed choices as we are merely Door Openers.

What was the Base to condemn Saturated Fats?

It is said, little Knowledge is dangerous.That is exactly what Ancel Keys did with his little knowledge.

With his influence and reach, Ancel had obtained a huge grant to conduct research so as to bring forth a conclusion that Fats are indeed the single culprit that causes Heart diseases.

Please remember, the objective is to condemn Fats, in other words, the decision was already made even before the Trial would commence. Is this not Pathetic? Terrible in fact.

What did Ancel do?

If you wanted to learn how to manipulate, deceive and present information then Ancel is the best person to learn these from. It was reported tht Ancel earned a multi Million dollar grant from a certain Pharma and its allied agencies to annihilate the Animal farm industry. Ancel’s objective was to tie Heart diseases to Fat consumption, specially those originating from Animals.

As the story goes, Ancel collected information of highest consumers of Animal fats, countries such as England, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.

To his dismay, though he thought that his data would show that prevalence of obstructed arteries, to his dismay he found that the arteries of the subjects to be Clear and Clean.

Now this is an alarming result, and if presented would end his Grant and spell his ruin. So he clearly used the concept of Selective Sampling so as to choose only those countries and subjects with Obstructed heart and then on went on to Conclude that Fats are the culprit to the predicament that these subjects face.

Thus from then on, Saturated Fats are condemned, demonized thrown out through the window all because of a devious person who wanted to make his ends meet and spell others ruination and in the course made the Big Pharma rich. Now they can roll out their Cholesterol controlling pill, called, Statin, which has become a multi billion dollar drug pill. Ancel, you are the epitome, when it comes cheating, deceiving and fooling the innocents.

So Don’t fear the Fats

So the take home point is, the Human body requires fats to carry out its functioning. Without fats, the Brain would perish. Fat free meals often lead to students with challenging Cognitive abilities.

Your entire Immune system depends and runs on fats. Without a balanced Fat diet, your ability to fight and ward off diseases and viral attacks will dwindle, thus making you more susceptible to ill health.

Remember, the cost of being sick is way higher than enjoying those Black pudding made from Beef liver.

Saturated Fat sources

Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Lard, Tallow, Eggs, Butter and Cheese, all of the above are some of the examples for Saturated fat. When you cook them you can clearly see a thick layer of fat floating over, rendering flavor and life to all who relish them.

From Vegetarian sources

Tropical oils: Coconut and Palm oil.

With so many delicious combos existing today from Saturated fats, the world is in a indecisive state as whether to have them or Not, the much important question.

Hence we thought we could provide some insights for the benefit of our readers whose requests were long pending.

It is imperative to understand that Fats were considered harmful mainly because all the hypothesis, assumptions, inferences and conclusions, were based just on One study which Ancel presented.

The Study was flawed and grossly manipulated. In fact there is no concrete evidence to tie Fats with Blocked Arteries. So what are you waiting for, go and get your Steak.

Why must you eat that Steak, learn the truth by clicking on this link