How to avoid the smelly ass

How to avoid the smelly Ass

This is probably the most avoided topic when it comes to Women’s health. How to avoid the smelly Ass, is not only important but will aid in achieving a complete and and a satisfied sex life.

We start off with the following quote.

The priceless asset that can turn any man on instantly is a woman’s ass, but the pity is very few women are aware as to what treasure they behold- Hugh Heifer.

This cannot be truer today that it was ever before. We all know being humans, we all have our weaknesses and our strengths, but most too often it is the weakness that drives the potential mate away. Yes we are here to give knowledge as to what a smelly ass can do to your relationship. read more

Bubble Butt

Bubble Butt

Lets get the facts right at least we should be brave to accept the truth and the truth is most women just don't focus on their Butts long enough to achieve the results they ought to achieve. Yet still when they adorn those Skin tight Jeans or those Low Body Curves, the first thing their hands would check out would be the Butt. If it is not there then No matter what fit a Girl is wearing it wouldn't show up. As the Proverbial saying goes, if you haven't worked for it, they just won't be there.

Ass care and Exercises

Ass care

According to a popular Men’s Magazine, the best thing that got Men high after a woman’s breasts is her arse. The British spelled them as Arse, while the Americans spelled them as Ass. We shall restrict ourselves to the American way, just for simplicity.

It is imperative to understand in most Fitness programs, Ass is the least focused area while the most being the Abs or the tummy area. Most women fail to understand that no matter how slim or fat the tummy looks, that will never drive a man’s attraction level high as a cleanly sculpted ass does. read more