Bubble Butt

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Lets get the facts right at least we should be brave to accept the truth and the truth is most women just don’t focus on their Butts long enough to achieve the results they ought to achieve. Yet still when they adorn those Skin tight Jeans or those Low Body Curves, the first thing their hands would check out would be the Butt.

If it is not there then No matter what fit a Girl is wearing it wouldn’t show up. As the Proverbial saying goes, if you haven’t worked for it, they just won’t be there.

Today our Focus is on Bubble Butt. According to a Survey, the present status is alarming and that is just 10% of the women achieve a perfect Bubble Butt status, and of these, 7% loose them after their marriage. That leaves us with an alarming mere 3 % of the Ladies who are capable of wearing those Fits and Showing off.

Advantages of having a Bubble Butt

The foremost advantage would be Confidence. You know for sure you are in the top 10% of the masses and that means you are unique and Exotic. After all having Confidence in itself will open main doors for you.

You now have the liberty and the freedom to choose those fits that only the Top Victoria Models would sport on a leisure day. That means, you have the Body and the Butt, that would dance to your tunes when it comes to wearing those eye catching dress and wears.

Women envy you and Men adore you. So what more do you want? There is nothing that can be more soothing to see how jealous and envious people around have become over a mere Butt. More so, how eyes turn around, be it 90 degrees or 180 degrees, be it in the Shopping Mall or Cinema house, be it with a Spouse or a Girl friend, yet the Eyes have enslaved them to your Butt.

Powerful even to imagine how just training one body part can graduate you to the league of a Super Star.

How to achieve the Bubble Butt Stardom

It would all depend on the intensity of your desire. The first question is do you really want it, the second question would be, are you ready to put in the work, the time and dedication that is required to achieve the results. If you have answered in the Affirmative for all of these questions, then for sure you are in the Game.

The problem with most of the Ladies is that, they would want it, but the work ethic that is needed to go in would almost be absent. When actions are missing, no matter what the desire be and the intensity to which the individual desires, yet still nothing tangible can come out of it.

Take Action

Was it ever thought to you the importance of taking “Action”. We were all taught to do the Homework, write the Essays, read the Comprehension, but never taught the importance of taking Action to reach our Goals. This single Slip has caused many to live in their Bodies that they hate and despise.

The underlying factor is, take Action. There is this old saying which goes something like this, “ I can lead the horse to the pond, but it is the horse that need to drink” How true it is.

The Working plan to achieve Stardom

Yes as aptly said, this is the plan that will ensure that you achieve the status of Stardom. Meticulously put them in use.

We give below a set of Exercises that when done in the Right manner will award you with rewards that you wouldn’t have even dreamed off.

All of these Exercises ought to be performed for 28 days without break in consistency and should be repeated in the way shown. Remember, your Fruits will directly depend on the Efforts and the Work that you put in.


Warm up

Before your Start any Exercise, you should ensure that you are properly warmed up. There are several benefits to Warm up and among them being the protection that it offers your body from Injuries and Muscle cramps.

So as the saying goes, “when you put the first Button on your shirt right, all the rest will fall in place”

For Warm up, click this link- Warm Exercises for the Butt

Side Lunges

Side lunges are probably one of the best exercises that is out there that guarantees Results. Stay on its course and Results will almost fall on your Butt.

Image Courtesy: Redefining Strength

How to Perform this Exercise

Position 1: After warm up you start off in this Neutral position, now you Visualize your move. The focus should remain on your Butt. Do not stoop forward so as to transfer the load on to your Upper back.

Relax and Visualize


Position 2: Spread your legs so that they are considerably apart from your shoulders. Keep the focus.

Gently move to your left, with the focus being on your Butt

Position 3: Move towards your left, with the entire focus of your weight should rest on your Left Butt [like shown in the figure] If you are a beginner, then this deviation is appropriate to start off with then you can always move up in intensity. Once your reach the position that is bearable to the Pain threshold, return to the Neutral position. Now repeat the entire Exercise again.

Total number of Repetitions: 30 reps on each side

Advanced Derivation to increase Intensity

Position 4: This is for those who wish to increase the intensity of the Exercise.

This position is for those who wish to have a bit more Challenge. This move will increase the intensity further on your Butt. Advised only for those who are Intermediate level

To achieve a bit more intensity, more your weight to the left side further so that your left leg is Parallel to the ground, hold this position at least for 3 seconds to reap the benefits of the Exercise. Return to the Neutral position and Repeat the Exercise for 30 repetitions.

Position 5 : Now after you have finished the left Butt, you will have to focus on the right Butt. Repeat the same process for the right Butt, ensuring the same number of Repetitions is performed with the same Intensity.

Secret Tip 1: The picture above shows the focus point on the Right side of the Body, the further you push your Right leg so that the leg is parallel to the Floor, the better the Results would be.

Secret Tip 2: Hold at this extended position at least for 3 seconds to achieve maximum results.

Total number of Sets : You have to perform 3 sets of 30 Repetitions. that would mean, for each side, your Butt would have to be exercised for 3 x 30 = 90 Repetitions. In total, 90 + 90 = 180 Reps. Burning a total of 350 Calories with a single workout. WOW!

The Glute Bridge

This is a Powerful Exercise that Not only tones your Butt but strengthens your lower back. This is also considered as an Sexercise that is meant to increase your mobility and keep you prepared for the pleasures of life.

Neutral Position

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How to perform this Exercise

Lie on your back, ensure that your back is flat and there are no gaps between the floor and your lower back. If you are Beginner, you can hold your hands as shown in the figure. This will render better support to you.

Final Position

Now using your heels and keeping your Shoulders on contact with the floor, raise your Butt and form the Bridge as shown in the figure above. Hold this position for 2 seconds and then return to the Neutral position. Repeat this for 30 Repetitions.

Caution: While Returning to the Neutral position, do not rest your Butt on the Floor, just come to a safer distance as to merely touching the floor and then returning to the Bridge position.

Number of Repetitions:You will have to perform 3 sets, with each set consisting of 30 repetitions. that would mean, at the end of the Exercise, you would have performed, 3 x 30 = 90 Repetitions. 200 Calories spent. Good Job!

Advantages: This Exercise, targets the Glutes, the Hamstring, the Lower back, Tones your Abdomen and the Calf muscles and the Heels.

For the Advanced and the Seasoned performer

This move that we show here is meant for you and not to be done by those are just starting off. This derivation would require more strength on the Abdomen and hence should be performed with caution.

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The Dumbbell Squat

There this one last Exercise, the Dumbell Squat, which is presented in the next post. Please Click on this Link.