The Dumbell Squat

Of the existing innumerable Exercises, the Dumbell Squat is considered to be best when it comes to Toning the Legs, the Butts, the Calf and the Back muscles plus the Abdomen muscles. All of which are used regularly as the integral part of our daily lives.

In this post we shall learn the Right way to perform the Dumbell Squat. Why is it important to learn the Right way, because the history of Exercise routines tells us and confirms to the fact that this Exercise routine alone has caused many injuries and back problems to occur.

We don’t want that to occur to our Clients and Patrons, and hence, learning the Correct way is always the Best thing to do.

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The Correct way: Always aim for this position as you Squat. Never sway or arch your back. Keep the focus on your Ass, so as to achieve maximum load there.

Step1-The Neutral position

How to Perform the Squat

Pick a Dumbbell that is in the range of 2 kg. Stand with your legs apart, slightly away from your shoulders. Keep your Back straight, do not arch. Keep your Stomach tight, and Knees should be slightly bent so as the motion is smooth.

Now, gently lover yourself, so that your weight is focused on your Butt. The
level to which you can lower will determine the intensity of your Exercise.

In most cases if you are beginner you can simple stop at the position just
as shown in the picture where the angel between the Leg and the Thigh is 110  degrees.

For greater intensity, you can reach for the angle where the Leg and the
Thigh are at 90 degrees. Hold this position at least for 3 seconds and then
return to the Neutral position.

Step 2-the Final position

Bubble butt workout



Number of Repetitions: You ought to perform 3 Sets, with set consisting of 30 repetitions. If you are beginner, you can always start off  with 15 repetitions and then on gradually hit the 30 repetition mark.

So, in all, 3 x 30 = 90 Repetitions. Total calorie expenditure, would be
around, 300 Calories.Good Job!

Caution: Do not arch your Back. The focus is on the Butt,  so try to push the load on to the Butt. Do not raise the weight of the  Dumbbells to start with.

Benefits of this Exercise
This exercise, targets the Butt, all of the Glute region, the hamstring, the
lower back, the thighs and the Abdomen.

This is a Powerful Exercise that Not only tones your Butt but strengthens your lower back. This is also considered  as an Sexercise that is meant to increase your mobility and keep you prepared for the pleasures of life.