3 Best Hip Strengthening Exercises for you

We live in a time where the yoke of hard labor is on every body and more so the irony is, under the name of Career growth, Career advancement, Women are tasked with gargantuan job demands.

Thus leading to long hours at the Job, with no time even to take a breather, subsequently the toll is taken on the Health.

Among all the worst affected body parts is the Hip. With the progression of age, the Hip bone becomes weak and begins to wear off causing more pain even whilst performing basic chores.

The Causes for Hip pain can be directly attributed to Long hours of staying Seated on chairs that are not designed for the purpose, working with bad posture at the Desk top computer, plus exhaustive use of Mobile phones and to top them all, Bad food habits or excessive use of Junk foods and lack of Exercise.

We give below the following set of Exercises that targets the Hip muscles and aids in strengthening them. Regular performance of these Exercises will not only improve the Mood but will result in a strong Hip.

The Hip Bridge


How to perform this Exercise

Start off by comfortably lying on an Exercise matt. Now raise your Butt off the ground with the support from your Shoulders and your Feet. For better support, you can always rest your Arms at your side, but never direct your weight on them, but merely use them as a gentle support.

Position 2

Now with support on the Right Foot, gently raise your Left leg, so as the inner Thigh of your Left leg and the inner Thigh of your Right Leg makes a 90 degree angle.

Position 3

Return the Left Leg back to the Bridge Position [this is Neutral Position]

Position 4

Now perform the same move with your Right Leg.

Position 5

Return the Right Leg back to the Bridge position. Now you have completed one Repetition of this Power Exercise. Repeat the move again, starting with your Left Leg now.


Retain the Bridge position all through the Exercise.

The Body should be Supported by your Legs and Shoulders

Ensure that the Shoulders are always in contact with the Floor

At the raise, hold this position for 2 seconds.

Let there be Fluidity in your Moves, do not perform them in quick time.

This Exercise should be performed with Empty Stomach. However you can drink some Porridge if your are feeling weary and tired.


To reap better results, perform this Exercise for 3 Sets. With each set consisting of 2 Repetitions. The total Calories lost would be around, 150 Calories.

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