Ass Training

We give here a set of Exercises that will target your Ass. This Routine is for Beginners. The total time involved in completing all of these Exercises will be around 20 minutes, including Warm up. The Calories burned during the Routine is approximately 500 KCAL.

Warm up Routines

Never start an Exercise Routine without properly warming up. Warm up ensures that your body is suitably flexed and ready to take the Strain of an Exercise Routine. Warm up also ensures that Blood, the carrier of Nutrition, hits every cell in your Body thus preventing Muscle Cramps or worse still injuries.

Exercise No 1: Walking

This is probably one of the best exercises to be done at the start. The name of the Exercise is, Walking, yes, that is right. Just start to walk at a moderate speed, swinging your Arms, gently.

Then increase the pace of your walk to a brisk speed. The time transition from Moderate to Brisk should be done only after spending 6 minutes in a moderate walk. The total time spent in walking should be 10 minutes.

Neck Stretches

The Neck is considered to be among the most delicate region when it comes to the Human Skeletal system. Even simple slips and falls can damage the Neck muscles. It is also imperative to understand, with age, the Neck muscles tends to loose its versatility and movement and more so are more susceptible to damage.

Before the start of any Exercise Program, it is necessary to commit to a Neck warm up Routine. For, without a proper warm up, serious damage can be caused to the Neck.

Stiff Neck, Neck muscle spasm, Neck Spondylosis, are some of the consequences of performing an Exercise routine without a proper Neck warm up routine.

A recent study indicates that 70% of Ladies working with computers suffer from some level of serious Neck discomfort, ranging from pain in Shoulders to grinding noise or sensation when the Neck is turned even to perform basic human activities. Thus it is imperative to keep the Neck well, strong and in perfectly action condition.

The following list of Exercises will not only aid as a Warm up but when done periodically will serve to strengthen your Neck Muscles. More so with continual practice you will never need these

The Forward Neck Stretch/ Bend

Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Then with eyes closed, gently move your Neck so as your Chin tries to touch the higher middle of your Chest. You should do this movement whilst you are breathing the air out through your mouth forcefully. Also, ensure that the stretch is complete, and hold at the stretched position at least for 3 seconds.

Image courtesy: How to DIY

Then, repeat the movement for 10 times. Gradually move up the repetition to 20 and then to 30. In a matter of time you will find that your Neck has achieved better mobility and stretching capability.

The Side Neck stretch/Bend

Stand in upright position or sit comfortably. Now breathing out, gently turn towards your Right Shoulder so as your face is in line with your Right Shoulder.

Hold this position for 3 seconds and then return to the Neutral position, with the face looking forward. Now, gently move your Neck to the left side, so as your face is in line with your left shoulder and you are looking in that direction. Hold this position for 3 seconds and then return to the Neutral position. Repeat the movements at least for 10 times in each direction.

Gradually increase the number of Repetitions that you perform to reach 20 and then on to reach a maximum of 30 on each side.

The Cobra Stretch

Courtesy: How to DIY

How to Perform this Move

This is probably the most powerful of all stretches that targets the Spine, the Butt, the Shoulders, the Arms, the Writs, the Neck muscles, and the complete Stomach.

How to perform the Exercise: Lie on your stomach with your hand resting along side your shoulders, with the face facing the ground and legs straight as possible.

Now blowing air out through your mouth, raise your upper body so as making a Curve [as shown in the figure], now look up to the Skies [this will give a good stretch to your Neck muscles, in the figure, the Neck is not directed towards the Skies]. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Return to the Neutral position. Repeat this at least for 5 more times.

As you begin to master this position, you may increase the time of your stretch from 10 seconds to 20 seconds, depending on your Capabilities along with the repetitions.

Please note: You don’t have to close your Eyes during this move.


Image Courtesy: How to DIY

Now comes strenuous part of the Warm up routines. Jumps are performed to increase the overall circulation abilities and increase body mobility.

Since legs are targeted this exercise will also serve as a good warm up routine for your Butt/Ass. More so, this routine will tone your calm muscles too.

How to perform this Exercise: Stand with legs at shoulder length apart and arms held across your chest, clinched. Now with a small burst of air through your mouth, raise yourself above the ground with your arms trying to complete a inverted “V” [ you don’t have to be particularly careful about this pattern, just be yourself] Make sure to land on the palm of your toes. Repeat this movement for at least 15 times.

Caution: you don’t have to jump high, just make sure that you are at least 3 inches away from ground level. Always ensure that you land with your knees slightly bent. Always land on the palm of your toes.


Side lunges are performed to increase mobility at the Groin area. Groin is particularly susceptible to injuries because most of the warm up exercises do not target the area. Hence to keep them from injuries, it is imperative that proper warm exercises that target the area are performed.

Forward Lunges

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Forward Lunges

How to perform: Stand with legs apart at shoulder width. Now step forward with your right leg, so as your Right Thigh is parallel to the ground and that your leg is perpendicular to the ground, your left leg should not move from its position except to accommodate the stretch by retaining the point of contact with the ground using the toes

Hold at the position for 10 seconds, return back to neutral position and repeat the exercise with your left leg. Perform at least 10 repetitions to start off with, over the course of time, you may progress to performing 20 and then on reaching the 30 repetitions mark.

Side Lunges

Image Courtesy: Besthealthmag.Ca

How to Perform: Here instead of having your right leg move forward, move it to the sideways so as if your Right leg is trying to reach the 1’O clock mark, here too ensure that your Right thigh is parallel to the ground and your Right leg is perpendicular to the ground [when the Right leg is parallel to the ground, the Stretch is Maximum] also control the intensity of the stretch using your Left leg. This stretch will target your left groin. Now repeat the exercise with your Left leg.

Caution : Perform the exercise slowly; also remember, to begin with all of these stretches may cause a slight discomfort, which would pass away with repeated movements and training.

You can control the intensity of the Stretches using your legs, and you need to figure that out as to what movement in direction produces the maximum benefit to you.

The level to which the thighs are parallel, the stretch will hit its maximum. Keep your Concentration and stay focused.

Ass Exercises and other Toning Exercises