Ass care

According to a popular Men’s Magazine, the best thing that got Men high after a woman’s breasts is her arse. The British spelled them as Arse, while the Americans spelled them as Ass. We shall restrict ourselves to the American way, just for simplicity.

It is imperative to understand in most Fitness programs, Ass is the least focused area while the most being the Abs or the tummy area. Most women fail to understand that no matter how slim or fat the tummy looks, that will never drive a man’s attraction level high as a cleanly sculpted ass does.

There are several explanation to this attraction force, but this post does not attempt to delve into the causes of the attraction but to take advantage of the attraction point.

Some of the benefits of having a Sculpted ass

  1. This is the obvious one; they provide better shape to the lower part of the body.
  2. Clothes fit better
  3. They provide those extra confidence at the work place
  4. A better Ass is connected to better Gluts
  5. Wearing Bikinis becomes no longer an embarrassing affair
  6. Gets more Male attentions
  7. Gets more female jealous attentions
  8. Good Ass aids in developing good Abs
  9. Good Ass provides good stability for the legs
  10. The overall posture and walk improves

Here in we provide well sculpted workout Routines to achieve those envious sculpted Ass. The Routines are differentiated according, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. All of these Exercise routines will provide Compound Isolation, targetting the Ass.