Importance of a Trainer

Trainer is as important as a teacher to a student. But most times the importance is often negated with EGO coming to play or the “I know it all”, attitude.

Well, if you had known it all then why bother to enroll in a gym membership? For you could simply use your own body weight routines and achieve the same result.

Well, honestly speaking, there are two things to understand before we set out with our EGO. Foremost, EGO, will prevent you from achieving or becoming the best you.

Secondly, even if you were to adopt to follow Body weight routines, with EGO in your mind and heart, the chances of you sticking on with it is almost a probability zero.

Now we need to tell you all these just to make you understand that it is always a good idea to obtain a gym membership and more importantly to get a Trainer.

The Advantages of a Trainer

A trainer allots all of the stipulated time for you. This means, he or she is watching you on your journey to a becoming a health individual. The first time you learned to ride a bicycle, you father was there by you, and you very knew that he is standing or even running right behind you. This provided the much needed assurance that we as humans all the crave and look for, be it relationships or self development. We are in need of constant assurances.

Having a Trainer is a big plus

This is a big plus, because, most times to achieve maximum growth, you need to touch the pain threshold, and if you were to be doing an exercise individually and without supervision, the likelihood of reaching this threshold has a probability Zero this is from reports published.

 More so, if you are a new comer with a fat belly and cellulite legs, there is all the likelihood of feeling embarrassed when someone with an ideal shape crosses you. This fear and shame will often prevent you from being your real self, and that would mean you are more likely to opt out of the Routine. But with a trainer next to you, you will have constant reinforcement of your potential coupled with assurances of self-worth.

You know you ought to make it

When you know you have a trainer waiting for you at the Gym, the likelihood of you skipping the session is very remote. This plays a very important role especially when you are a new comer and with countless other forces acting against your progress.

You know you are covered

The Trainer by you will provide you those extra protection needed especially when you learning the rudiments of a Routine. For, he or she will immediately stop you at the slightest instance of a wrong twist or a wrong lift or a wrong move. This will prevent injuries.

For according to Reports, most times, 97% of newcomers drop out of a scheduled gym workout due to injuries. For even a small injury can cause months of inactivity.

Motivation is always there to keep it going

A Trainer will provide constant motivation. At times, it is the motivation that will ensure your persistence. Most times, 98% of the members will not be persistent and more so they will not realize that the reason that they are not getting into shape is due to the fact that they are just not consistent with the routines. But with a Trainer, this slip can be minimized.

Trainer will always be on the look out for excessive body symptoms

Trainer will also watch for your pulse and heart rate. At the slightest instance of your discomfort, the trainer will stop you from going over the bridge. This is very critical and important, especially if you are middle aged person and more so, most times, signs and heart discomforts are not easily identified by individuals.

So, the take home point is to get a Trainer.