6 ways, how a Trainer will help you Save your money

We know hiring a Trainer can be expensive at times, but you need to look from the wider picture. Especially the worth that have a trainer brings you in. The Value that a good trainer adds in your life.

We all know to see growth and observe development, we ought to embark on a constant training schedule. These training schedules ought to be monitored and feedback provided to you. As a busy individual, it is beyond your limits. Just as you need your friend to provide feedback on your new perfume, one your new dress, on your new hand bag, on your new sandals, you too will need a trainer when it comes to your body and health.

But most see this as an expensive that is merely cannot be accounted for. But in reality a few bucks here would save a lifetime of misery.

With a Trainer, you can save money by being in Shape

Imagine you never workout and you know even to climb your office stairs you ought to stop and grasp for your breath, yet still until that fateful day you put off your health training to the rear.

Then one fine day, reality strikes. Your doctor checks you and says you ought to immediately be on High Blood pressure medication, and not only that your cholesterol is higher than accepted levels.

What would do now?

Easily your Blood pressure and Cholesterol medications, calculated for the rest of your productive years would sky rocket in comparison to the peanuts you would have paid had you taken the steps in time by hiring a personal trainer.

But you did not. You wanted to save a few dollars by opting out from hiring a trainer, thinking that it was expensive, and now here you are, on medication for the rest of your life and more so the cost is herculean to handle, given the rate at which Medications increase every year.

A Trainer will ensure that you are always in good mood– no need depression pill

The cost of depression medication is not a heavy burden to nations but also to the individuals. Every year, millions are entering the depression pill list, why? For their inability to handle job and family related stress.

Brain sciences now say, that a mere one hour of good and hard training will release important chemicals in the brain that will ensure the feel good hormone engulfs the individual and frees her from stress and disorders.

Thus a trainer not only improves your health but your personality and your mood, which are too indispensable and impossible to obtain through medication.

A Trainer will Save you money on Sleep medications

A trainer will provide you the abracadabra for a good sleep. Sleep issues are the number one problem for Corporate employees. One reason is the stress that they exposed to, and the next is that their environment is filled with Micro and Macro Radiations emanating from Machines like Photocopiers, lab tops, Cell phones, Plasma Screens, Microwave ovens and more than that the Lighting and the color choices on the walls.

Trainer will Save you money on Migraine medications

You can say good bye to Migraines. Report suggests that Sleeplessness induced Migraines are up by 70% for Working women, this would mean that you ought to allot a special budgetary allocation for your Migraines, but with a Trainer, you are assured of a good sleep, which in turn would mean, no more migraines.

Trainer will Save you money on Calcium supplements

With a good trainer you need not spend your hard earned money on Calcium supplements. Most women lose their bone density with age and the general advice from Nutritionist is to include Calcium supplements.

But this has many side effects on the kidneys. But with a good trainer, your workouts will naturally strengthen your bones, resulting in good muscle tone and bone density.

Trainer will Save you money on Orthopedics

You won’t need to spend a fortune on Orthopedics. According to Reports, working women Orthopedics visitations have increased over the last few years.

One reason is,sitting on a unilateral position for long hours and second would be weak neck and back muscles. But with a good trainer, you are bound to strengthen these muscles and that in turn would mean, more money saved. For the fee that you would pay a Trainer would be peanuts in comparison to what you ought to pay an Ortho.