Tip No1: to select a good trainer

Of the many requirements the number One requirement that you need to look in a trainer should be, Attitude.

Most times, clients pick their trainers based on the looks that he or she has. This is like picking a Cheese cake by its looks only to find later that the cake has rotten cheese hidden deep within.

If your trainer turns out to be just like the Cheese cake mentioned above, you are bound to end up either in the ER or discouraged and lost.

There are innumerable examples where Trainers behave as if they own their clients.

The Classic example would be the case of Sheila. Sheila when at 19, wanted to take up Sports modelling. So with this desire she met up with a trainer named Sabra.

After learning about Sheila’s desire, Sabra assured Sheila that within 6 months of training, she would have the best body in the city to boast off.

As with everybody, Sheila too thought that success would merely be a walk in the park and with a good trainer she too would be able to enter the field of Sports modelling with ease and carve a name out for herself.

Trusting Sabra, Sheila ventured into full fledged training routines. Then after a month or so, Sabra invited Sheila to her apartment and then introduced her to synthetic Testosterone, telling her that the only way she is going to be getting those enviable shape is through synthetic means.

With foolishness blinding Sheila’s eyes, she was instantly on the Cycle. Within the first few weeks, Sheila started to notice some changes in her shape and body frame, this made her to crave for more of the drug, with the thought that more is better.

With long hours at the gym and more laborious workouts, Sheila, thought that soon she would be featuring as a top Sports model in leading Magazines.

Then one fine day, Sheila suddenly started to feel heavy pain on the lower end of her right shoulders, the pain was so severe that she was unable even to turn either ways.

She soon calls Sabra, who tells her that her pain is due to muscle spasm and some rest would do the trick. With assurance from Sabra, Sheila sleeps her pain off for the day but not for too long.

Hearing Sheila’s cries, her mother calls her son and soon after their family physician is summoned, who immediately suggests an admission to the ER.

There, examination reveals, that Sheila’s both the kidneys are blocked and requires a surgical procedure to release the block.

The surgery was conducted, but apparently the doctors could only save one of her kidneys.

Sheila was later released form hospital but with a stern warning never to lift weights. Her pain was under control but requirs constant Medications.

An aspiring young girl who wanted get into Sports modelling apparently lost her kidneys and her dreams by wrong advice and guidance.

Sheila is not an isolated case, there are innumerable young people who fall prey to trainers who are never fit to be called a trainer in the very first place. With greed, malice, and hate all steaming in their blood streams, they put a show of Good person with high morals to all those who knock at their doors, requesting their assistance.

The Moral that every gym aspirant ought to learn is this, If your trainer does not bring in Hard work, Dedication and Persistence into the picture, then apparently he or she is not the right person to bank on.