Look for the committed Trainer

Commitment, a key word that would save you a ton of heart aches, especially if your trainer has this in him/her. Most times when you walk into a gym you might get the opportunity to see trainers with perfectly sculpted bodies standing next to their clients with an advice here and there.

Don’t be deceived by looks

For an onlooker this might appear as if the trainer is really involved but that is something only the client who is getting trained can vouch for. For most of the times, the moment you sign up, the gym manager would tell you that if you were to sign up now for a trainer, you will get an extra 2 sessions of free training.

Getting 2 sessions of free trainer assistance offer does not matter

Most would think “wow!”, am getting 2 free trainer assistance with this sign up… amazing, let me snatch this offer. Hey!, you just wait. These two free sessions wouldn’t even move a cell on your fat filled tummy, unless you consistently hit the gym, but on the contrary, with this trap of 2 free sessions, the manager of the gym would assign you to a trainer who would wreck havoc on your training plans.

Also get this straight up that your body transformation will depend on your efforts most times and that every session either free or not would only achieve its potential if and only if you put your efforts into the grind.

Most will walk into this trap without any hesitation

90% of the freshers would seemingly walk right into this trap. They see the trainer and would be amazed to see that he has every asset that a body builder can boast off, except commitment towards his or her clients.

More so and all that the trainer is well know for would be to merely stand there and call the shorts, uttering his favorite phrases, “do this, do that, and then some rest”. Nothing more tangible can be obtained from trainers like this other than you would merely be wasting your money.

The Remedy that would protect you

So what should be the remedy. First, just observe the trainer. Observation is the key and most cases will protect your interests.

Next, find a moment to talk to the client that this trainer is training. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about the trainer. You have the right, it is your money, your time and your body, and you are merely collecting feedback and probably a referral for the trainer.

Next, before signing up with the manager, tell her that you would want to try out the trainer first to ascertain his or her potential to handle sessions with you.

Most times, clients feel awkward about discussing these issues and feel more intimidated the minute they walk into the gym, for all around them there are perfectly chiseled bodies and that they instantly feel let down and a sense of inferiority creeps in, to damage any future involvement and decision making abilities.

Don’t fear, and be bold

Yes that is right, be brave and don’t fear to discuss all of these concerns mentioned above. For a good trainer can make a difference but at the same time a bad trainer will beat the fun out of it.

More so, any good trainer would be more than happy to clarify your concerns. A good trainer would have a positive vibe and would be more open to concerns and questions.

A good trainer will never go on a defensive mode, for he/she is well aware that his/her clients happiness is their priority and responsibility.

Bad trainer vibes

On the other hand a bad trainer will drive in a lot of bad vibes and negativity into you and you would soon become a mere mirror image of this attitude.

You would soon associate training with bad temperament, this will eventually drive you to hate training.

Fear will encompass you. You will feel so intimidated that the very thought of going to the gym would send in chills down your spine.

Protect your interests

So, don’t let this happen to you. After all it is your time and time is one thing that is more precious and valuable and ought to be treated with care and concern.

Secondly it is your body and the health that you wish to achieve is in question, and that is something that would require a more serious approach.

It is your money that is involved. No trainer would do a favor by working for you if you wouldn’t pay him/her. So with all these parameters being your bench mark, select the best fit for your program.

Finally, if a trainer doesn’t stir the joy of working out in you, then he or she is not the right one for you. Simply move to the next possibility. Don’t be afraid to tell it to his face, “I want to change, thank you for your time”

These very words would just be enough to put the person in his or her place.