To walk the talk-Is your trainer the physical shrine?

While at college Yoga craze caught the better of me. With Yoga being the trending talk of the town in the 90s, I was instantly glued and decisive to becoming this top stud in Yoga.

My Yoga trainer claimed to be the Best- Claims are the easiest to do, no cash is involved

So after much searching and inquiring, I was finally led to join a gym which had an acclaimed Yoga trainer [the claim]. With much aspiration I joined the class. The trainer always started the class with small sermons as to how useful Yoga is and that her training of Yoga was unmatched and undisputed.

The sessions had more stories than training but we the student of 15,endured it, all for the body that was promised to us through her training.

Action speaks louder than Words

Then one fine day, eventuality striked. It was Friday afternoon, and I was home all day, feeling bored, I thought to myself, let me use the afternoon to perform some workouts, since it is Friday, with the training complete, I can enjoy the night out without any guilt.

So I reached the gym, got changed, and then headed to the weight room. Just as I was raising to the Elliptical to perform some warm ups, there at the bar station, I see my Yoga trainer trying to perform a reverse grip pull up.

Trying? Yes, you heard it right. She was trying to pull herself up. I thought to myself, maybe this would have been the repetition to failure. So out of inquisitive weakness, I soon positioned myself at a vantage point of the room, where I had visual contact of my trainer ideally without being spotted by her.

I thought to myself, well, she is slim, trim and ideal weight, so she should be able to ideal to at least a 5, give or take 2, out.

Then to my stunning astonishment, my fears and doubts turned out to be true. My trainer just couldn’t perform a single reverse grip pull up. In short, she just couldn’t lift herself off the ground using her arms. This just goes to show that her arm strength is just not present.

The Truth will set you Free

This is pathetically terrible. Why? No matter what exercise program or routine you are in, you should be ideally fit enough to perform the pull up routine.

Why the pull up routine? Because this is the single Routine that will separate the Wheat from the Chaff. If you cannot life your body off the ground, no matter what exercise you do, all are considered Null and Void. In brevity, nothing worth is achieved by those routines.

I have heard fake stories, but today I see it in reality. I know, you might not consider it a big deal. But coming from a sports family background, when the metal fails the fire furnace test, the metal is not gold.

Show me your Worth

To me the potency of a trainer is judged by the ability of the trainer to showcase his or her abilities. It is imperative to understand that to a student, the teacher is all and everything, when it comes to being a role model.

The minute the student realizes that his or her teacher does not have the ability to perform something that is considered as the bench mark in the fitness industry, then apart from the feeling of disappointment, the feeling of being a loser dominates and creates an emotional scare in the mind.

Take home point

You will only become what your trainer is. In other words, it is the trainer who is your role model and hence it is imperative that you get your training from someone who walks the talk, and not simply talks alone. Remember, action speaks louder than words.

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