Muscle and Confidence

The number one reason to get into an Exercise routine is to merely maintain your Muscle mass. The importance of a Routine has become very indispensable today. The reason being, our lifestyle changes.

There was a time if you wanted to meet a relative, you ought to walk at least a 5 mile radius, then the transportation revolution came, followed by lightening speed subways.

All of these have simply reduced the time that one ought to spend on walking. In other word, the generation today, according to a Fitness Magazine, has simply become more lackadaisical.

Meaning, they are carrying with them, more loose skin, more loose flesh, weak bones and poor skeletal postures. This in turn would lead too, weaker bones and complications involving all of the body parts with progressive growth in age.

Importance of Muscle

Most times we tend to neglect or even take for granted things that come along without a cost. Of course, we never realize their value until time gives a real hit on the face. This can truly be said about the Muscles that we are born with.

Like all things, Care and training is necessary for Muscles too. When we ignore them, we often suffer pains and aches and then on more serious consequences. However we are not going to highlight this fact here, but thrive on the benefits of having a well geared and oiled Muscle.

As we all know, the strength of our skeletal system depends on the Muscles around them. For, the Muscles provide the much needed stability to your bones and more so to the frame which subsequently will enhance your body shape and posture.

Why Shape and Posture are important

This might be the question that lingers more frequently in the minds of the young person.

But, it is imperative to understand that people judge you by your looks. You may not like this, but that is the way it has always been for the last 6000 years of recorded history and that is the way it is always going to be.
You were always told that your attitude determines your attitude, but to tell you the truth, it is your Looks that determines your attitude.

Your Looks will determine your Attitude

The minute you carry yourself into that interview room, your fate has been determined, that is, whether you will get an opportunity to present your case before the panel or not.

If you crotch and walk with bent shoulders, with a distended abdomen, you don’t even have to bother to know the panel’s decision. They have written you off, for you had conveyed all that they needed to know about the element that you are made off. Of course this might scare you, but truth is always scary.

On the contrary, if your shoulders are upright, with chest slightly out, accompanied with slightly long and confident walking styles, then for sure, you have earned those precious minutes where the panel would open their minds to listen to what you really wanted to tell them.

It often the shape that distinguishes between making it big at a Job interview or biting the dust

Remember, the difference between getting that precious job, which would give you the economic freedom that you always desired and the life you dreamed off and to being deprived of all the good things that could have been yours, is these few minutes that is being offered to you, all because of your Shape and Structure.

For the Shape and Structure of an individual convey a lot to the outside world. Of the many vital signals that they convey, one of them being Confidence and Consistency.

Confidence and Consistency, are two keys to success

In today’s world, these two words can mean a whole lot, especially if you in the Client focused industries.

Imagine, you are a shoe sales woman. A young man walks into your store asking you for a jogger. He wants New Balance, but your store doesn’t have that brand, yet still you need to make that sale to keep your position afloat.

You capitalize this opportunity and invite him to try out this another brand, say, Puma. But he says, “No”. But you don’t want to take his “No”, as the penultimate answer.  So, you immediately throw this line at him, that, “there is no harm in trying a new brand and that you have received a lot of positive reviews on this brand”

Now the minute he sees your confidence and that you are well aware about running shoes and doesn’t want to give up on him, instantly he sits down to give it a try.

To naked eye this may not seem much, but what most fail to realize is this, that it is often the smallest window of opportunity that will lead to life changing leaps.

More so, at the very first “No”, most of the sales personnel will simply give it up, and let the customer walk out of the store, failing to realize that opportunities don’t often carry a billboard advertising that, “I am a potential buyer”

Confidence helps you to say the right thing at the Right time

The minute you give a reason to the customer as to why he or she should try this new brand, followed with justifications as to how much good reviews you had received for the brand, the sale is finalized.

But note here, he or she will only be able to pull this off, if Confidence is present. To the 97% of the majority, this 10 letter word is just not to be found in their vocabulary.

You ought to dig this out

However what most fail to realize is this, that this 10 letter word is already in everybody, but just that actions ought to be done, enabling them to pull this out to the surface.

All of the fish in the Ocean exists for you to feast upon, but not one would come up to the surface offering itself to you. It is through your action of casting the net that would draw them out.

With regard to the human body the analogy applies. With consistent training of Exercise routines that grinds and churns the body, the body becomes a physical shrine. The moment the eyes see this body’s perfection, tremendous signals of positivity is sent from the brain, which we call as Confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it.