Why must a Girl start a fitness program?

This is a very valid question and probably all of the girls should ask a Gym or even a trainer, before getting enrolled. More so, this question should also form a Reflective question, as to why should I work out? why should I do the right thing? why should I look and act healthy, a cart load of question can be placed here, but we shall refrain from that temptation and will proceed with the post.

The Most probable answers that you might receive

Most of the answers that you might receive wouldn’t even qualify to ring the bell of senses. While the few that you might receive, might sound something like this, “it is for your health”, “as you age, diseases risk increases and exercises can ward them off”, and so on and so forth.

Then, our reply to all of these answers would merely be, “garbage”.

You are young and bubbling, why should you hit the gym?

Why must a girl in early twenties should join a Gym? We can give you the answer, the answer is simply to increase her chances of finding the, “Alpha male” Why should she do that? The answer is simple, for that is where the action lies.

Alpha males control the actions

Alpha males, control the show, whether you may like it or not. They run empires, business houses, own luxury cars, take their spouses to exotic vacation countries and cities, go for expensive wardrobes, sport those luring perfumes and jewelries, you name it, they have it.

And above all, Alpha males are great in bed, they have the ever flowing vitality oozing all through their bodies that they can keep a girl awake all night long.

Sex is good

Do you know, of all the human emotions, Sex is the most pleasurable experience, yet still you were told that Sex is Sin.

Of course now the scientific community is slowly confirming some of the lost truths with apprehension, yet still we all know the benefits without having a third party telling us what we have already experienced.

There are tremendous benefits of having a great sex. Sex not only enhances the mood but it contributes to a whole lot of effect bodily functions. In this post we have merely restrict the discussion to the title and reserve all of the other benefits of Sex for another subsequent post.

Your Choices will determine your Altitude

So, if common sense prevails, all of the girls should aim for this trophy called Alpha male. We all know life is all about choices and selections. If your choice is good, then you shall live to enjoy them, on the contrary, if your choice is poor, you shall again live to die in them. There is a whole lot of meaning in the sentences mentioned above.

Having said all of that, it is imperative to understand that to get the attention of Alpha males is not that easy. Why? Because, they are high valued males and will always look for value in an individual.

Be it a simple chat or a detailed conversation, Alpha males are crudely known to weigh, measure for measure, pound for pound, their acquaintances and relationships.

So if you are girl aspiring to have a life of goodness and abundance then you should desire and go for the Alpha males.

The Choice of Alpha males were a time honored aspiration of the Ancient

This is not something new, for right from the dawning of time, women were always drawn towards the Alpha males. Just for the simpler fact, that these males were Strong, Sturdy, Broad Shoulders carried good Sperm levels thus giving the maximum chance for the offspring to survive.

In case of a conflict or a wild animal attack, the mere presence of an Alpha male will scare the shi#t out of the aggressor.

Today though the environment may have slightly changed but all of the things that the world once experienced still continues. In truth, it is even more worse these days. For we live in the world, where everything and anything is determined by Money, Power, Influence and Authority.

You don’t have to reinvent the Wheel

Of course everyone wants and longs to have Power and Influence, for these two will make eyes turn, doors opened, and visas granted. But if you were to solely achieve these exotic attributes, then, it would take a life time of labor, effort and patience.

But we have better give away for you. That would be to get the mate or a partner who has and owns them all, the Alpha male.

This is not something new but is always practiced in Industrial Collaboration.

Take the case of Henry Ford. Henry Ford never visited any Universities for acquiring technical Education. Yet still, he is still considered as one of the founding fathers who revolutionized the American Automobile Industry.

How did he do that? All because, Mr. Ford had a great way of collaborating with great minds which already knew the know how of Amazing technical things. Collaboration, the key word.

With this word, Mr. Ford achieved great strides and won several accolades that men of the age merely dreamed off.

So, the take home point for your, Collaborate. The only difference here is that you are entering into a life time relationship with the ALPHA male.

Ways to get an Alpha notice you.

You clearly know where you stand with reference to your body symmetry, muscle tone, your gluts tone, your facial tone, etc. If you are at 4.5, on a scale of 1 – 10, you have no chance in attracting an Alpha.

To get noticed, you need at least a 8. So you ought to move up the scale. And how would you do it? Just find the areas that your body ought to improve and work on them nonstop.

Have patience

Of course you will not immediately move up the scale in weeks. This would need persistence and patience. You should be prepared to workout every day of the week at the said time and hour. Remember it is always your work ethic that will determine the distance that you will reach.

With dedication and persistence accompanied by patience, you shall see the change and the difference in your body. Your confidence will grow, your posture would change and more so you will be an all new individual.

It is said, a bee can spot the best honey bearing flower miles away. Likewise, when your scale moves up, your aura will glow and emit the attraction brilliance.

In the follow up posts we shall give tips that would enrich and enhance your chances of getting the Alpha male suitor.