The Final stretch

After the completion of these Three Exercises, it is imperative to Stretch your body. This is a powerful stretch and will prevent any injuries or spasm that would have crept in, and would lay latent, just waiting to take over you, once you return from the active state to the normal state.

It is important to understand that Stretching after exercises acts as a Protective shield to the body and care and caution should be practiced at all times to do these stretches.

The Cobra Stance

This is probably the most Power stance created by the Martial art exponents of the Kung fu era. This gives your body a complete stretch of the spinal chord, the neck and the back muscles. read more

Third Exercise to Strengthen your Hip and Back

Good Job! that you have come this far. Now don’t give up, keep it going. The following exercise will complete the Routine for Back strengthening as well as strengthening your Hips.

The Plank Walk

The following Exercise is not only powerful and potent but when done correctly will provide you the immense benefits when it comes to toning the Back, the Hip as well as the Abdominal muscle groups.

Position 1-Neutral position

This is the Neutral position. Since this Exercise is targeted for Beginners, hence in the above picture the performer has her butt slightly raised, which if you are in the intermediate stage, should be avoided. read more